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Posted: Mon Jul 20, 2020 8:19 pm
by Becky Lynch
It is now the second week removed from the EBWF’s King of the Ring pay per view where the Cerebral Lassassin also known as Becky Lynch became the Queen of the Ring. Last Monday night, the thirteenth of July, Becky found herself in another match with the dentist turned wrestler, Britt Baker.

To the shock and surprise of no one, it was the Cerebral Lassassin that walked away with the victory. This Monday night, the twentieth of July, Becky Lynch finds herself in another match with the Marine turned wrestler, the Sassy Southern Belle also known as Lacey Evans.

“So…” Becky begins to say to Winter.

“So…?” The Satanic Diva responds, wondering what the Cerebral Lassassin is about to say.

“It’s the second week since I won the Queen of the Ring tournament, and I threw out the challenge to the bitch that won the title in my place at WrestleMania.” Becky says.

“Yeah…” Winter begins. “And…?”

“And I haven’t heard anythin’ from her.” Becky says with an angry sigh, annoyed that her challenge has not been accepted by the Women’s Champion.

“So…” The Satanic Diva says before trailing off. “My guess is that we shall be going on a road trip, then?”

“Yeah…” Becky says. “I’ve been callin’ her out since WrestleMania, and no answer. I won that sham of a tournament and called her out through you. Still no answer? Yeah, I’m goin’ to her fookin’ house.”

“Wait, Rebecca.” Winter says, trying to diffuse the situation.

“Wait? Ya want me to wait?!” The Cerebral Lassassin asks in anger in her voice. “I’ve been waitin’ since I beat Shayna Baszler before WrestleMania. I’ve been waitin’ fer months and still no title match. So, yeah I’m goin’ to go her house and I’m gonna make good on my promise.”

“Before heading to her house…” The Satanic Diva begins. “You should give her until the end of next week.” Winter says as Becky looks at her with intrigue. “If she has not shown her face or accepted your challenge, then you go ahead.”

“Fine…” Becky says with anger still in her voice, trying to keep her cool. “We’ll do it yer way.”