All Jokes Aside

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All Jokes Aside

Post by D.J » Mon Aug 03, 2020 9:25 pm

The scene opened up backstage in Jacksonville, Florida. We were at a house show the night before Warfare and the fans had just enjoyed a great match. They were buzzing, but the buzz would soon turn to pandemonium as the tron picked up the backstage area, where a limo was pulling into the parking lot. After a couple of beats the door opened and an expensive shoe hit the gravel, soon an expensive pair of black slacks leading up to nice button down shirt and then the face of The People's Champion The Rock. He had sunglasses over his eyes, and quite frankly, a pissed off look on his face. He noticed the camera right away and it wasn't long before Charly Caruso appeared into the scene.

Charly Caruso: Rock- I'm so sorry to bombard you like this, and I can't imagine you're in a good mo..

The Rock held up his hand to her, and she promptly stopped talking. The crowd cheered. He didn't seem like his about to make you laugh self.

The Rock: Now Charly why would The Rock be in a bad mood. Is it because for two consecutive weeks, Chris Jericho and his hired Abercrombie and Bitch henchmen- have beaten The Rock down. Left The Rock in the center of the ring, gasping for breath? Is that why you would suggest that The Rock is in a bad mood?

Charly Caruso: Well I mean..

The Rock mocked her.

The Rock: Well I mean.. Charly- The Rock likes you..he thinks you're a sweetheart- and you're just doing your job. So The Rock is going to level with you- The Rock is not in a great mood- in fact- The Rock is pretty pissed off. You see for too long Chris Jericho has been allowed to run, or jog, or walk briskly, or barely move around this place based on his current level of physical fitness, and nobody holds him accountable for his actions. Right now Chris Jericho has something The Rock wants- nay- something The Rock needs- and that is the EBWF Championship. Chris Jericho is no dummie though- he knows that he simply put- has NEVER- AND THE ROCK MEANS... NEVER faced someone at the caliber of The People's Champion. He's never had to endure the challenge that The Great One is about to give him. So what does he do? He brings in a slick haired, corn fed, looking son of a bitch straight out of Varsity Blues- to come and attack The Rock in back to back weeks. The Rock gets it.. this is the big time.. The Rock is just weeks away from meeting Chris Jericho at Summerslam, EBWF Title.. on the line. The Rock gets the game- he has NOT gone SO Hollywood that he doesn't remember that this is what bitches do... when.. they're scared.

The Rock stopped and looked dead into the camera. He paused and let a "Rocky" chant break out. When it slowed down, he continued.

The Rock: Chris Jericho- you should be scared, because if The Rock wasn't before, he is now 100 percent without a shadow of a doubt LOCKED IN.. on WHOPPIN your MONKEY ASS at Summerslam- even if I have to rub some pine tar on your buddy turn him sideways and use him as a 6 foot 7 Louisville Slugger. Your days are numbered champ.. your days.. are numbered.

Charly Caruso: Rock as I'm sure you know you will be in action tomorrow night against Tomasso Ciampa. Your thoughts on that?

The Rock: The Rock's thoughts are simple Charly. The Rock may be facing Tomasso Ciampee Tomasso Ciampuuu- Tomasso Ciamp-ahhh it doesn't matter what his name is.. but all he's actually going to see is Chris Jericho and Jake Hager. It may be Tomasso's head, but in the vision of the Brahma Bull it's going to be those two Jabroni's looking at The Rock like some sort of about to get the piss punched out of them cyclops. Tomasso Ciampa- is in the wrong place at the wrong time, because he's standing directly on the tracks right now Charly, and the train is coming through. He is in a red jumpsuit and the Brahma Bull is charging. Tomasso Ciampa- is simply put not only about to get beat.. Tomasso Ciampa.. is going to get hurt.. he's going to get his candy ass kicked.. by The Rock.. and the blood.. the blood.. Charly.. will be on Chris Jericho and Jake Hager's hands. The Rock is not in the mood for laughs- he's not in the mood for jokes- he's in the mood to lay the smackdown on this poor sorry bastard that drew the short straw this week Charly. Tomasso it won't be personal- but The Rock says- it'll sure feel that way.

Charly went to say something else but The Rock interupted her, very matter of factly- with..

If ya smell- what The Rock- is cookin'.

The Rock delivered this line in a way to let everyone know, he was just ready to get in the ring and take out his frustration on his opponent come Monday Night. He stormed off, before Caruso could counter with anything, leaving her in the scene with a look of "ok then" on her face. The scene faded back into the next match of the House Show.

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