Royal Rumble Results 1/28/2018

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Royal Rumble Results 1/28/2018

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Pyro went off all over the stage as the Royal Rumble pay-per-view kicked off.

Corey Graves: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Royal Rumble! We are officially on the road to Wrestlemania!

"Crush" hit the PA, and the crowd began to boo the arrival of Alexa Bliss. The woman didn't seem to be fazed as she proceeded down to the ring. Once inside, she waited the arrival of Liv Morgan, who came to the ring as "Illest" began to play.

Mauro Ranallo: Tonight we will crown a new EBWF World Champion! We'll find out which woman is going to Wrestlemania! What a night this is set to be.

"Kiss from a Rose" began to play, and Mandy Rose came to the stage with the EBWF Women's Championship. She displayed it over her head.

Corey Grave: The phenom did the unthinkable and beat Natalya for the Women's Championship. She defends it now against Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss!

The bell rang, and the three women circled the ring. Alexa taunted Mandy and then Liv followed suit. Alexa grabbed Mandy’s arm to do a double clothesline, sending Liv out of the ring before Alexa rolled Mandy up to no avail. Mandy hit a head scissors takedown on Bliss and dodged a clothesline as Bliss slid out of the ring. Liv moved back in the ring, and Mandy hit a step up enziguri that sent her back out as Bliss came back in, continuing her previous attack on Mandy.

Corey Graves: This ladies are brutal!

Bliss got a chokehold on Mandy while up on her back, but Mandy sent her to the corner to break the hold. Morgan went for a spinning hook kick but missed, and Bliss shoved Mandy into Liv before jumping onto them, only for Mandy and Liv to catch her, and they hit her with a double fall forward slam. Bliss rolled out of the ring as Mandy and Liv focused the attack on each other, exchanging blows before Liv shoved Mandy down. Mandy was on the ropes now as Morgan locked in a tarantula hold. Alexa jumped up, dragging Liv down to pull her off Mandy before she climbed up top hitting a missile dropkick on Mandy.

Mauro Ranallo: The women's championship is on the line, and these ladies are doing whatever it takes!

Alexa unloaded on Liv, and then turned on Mandy, trying to pin her. Liv pulled Alexa off and she retaliated, before Mandy got involved again only to take a hangman neckbreaker that gave Alexa a nearfall. Alexa set Mandy up on the top rope but was stopped by Liv, who climbed up with a front face lock! Alexa came running in, hitting a tower of doom spot in the process! Alexa got rolled up by Liv who got a nearfall. Bliss got the neck breaker on Liv, and got a two count before Mandy broke it up. Bliss set Mandy up in the corner, and a swinging neck breaker got a two count before Liv pulled her off. Liv threw punches, and put her over the top rope and out of the ring!

Corey Graves: Mandy is down! Liv is all alone!

Mandy stumbled to her feet, and Liv hit a reverse roundhouse kick. She went for the pin.




Corey Graves: Liv has done it! Liv Morgan has finally captured championship gold. She is the new women's champion!

Liv celebrated in the ring as a promo featuring EBWF's new superstars began to play.


After the video package hyping up the match, the camera faded back to the ring and “One True Villain” by HotTag Media blasted out of the speakers.

Corey Graves: Here we go, Mauro! The Breakout Championship is on the line tonight!

Marty Scurll made his way down to the ring, a look of determination on his features.

Mauro Ranallo: The Villain is looking to secure a championship tonight, on his sophomore showing!

As Scurll got to the ring, his music was replaced by “Velveteen” by CFO$. The Velveteen Dream sauntered out towards the ring, ignoring the mixed reaction from the audience.

Mauro Ranallo: And tonight the Velveteen Dream has a shot at gold as well!

Corey Graves: A scary and dangerous human being.

Velveteen made his way down to the ring and got in, strolling past Scurll. He settled into his corner as his music faded. “Hero” by Skillet blasted out of the ring, heralding the entrance of the champion.

Mauro Ranallo: Chris Hero looks ready to go tonight!

Hero held up his championship belt to the crowd and grinned as he headed down the ramp.

Corey Graves: I already know this match is going to be awesome, Mauro!

The bell rang and Hero shoved Scurll to the mat but got dropkicked by Velveteen. Hero got back up and exchanged punches with Dream for a few. Hero avoided another dropkick and dodged an attack from Scurll. Without hesitating he countered a punch from Velveteen and knocked him to the floor. Velveteen bailed out to the floor for a breather as Hero looked on from the ring.

Corey Graves: Chris Hero is looking incredible right now!

Hero remained in control of Scurll as Velveteen reassessed outside the ring. He picked Scurll up and went for a vertical suplex, but Scurll countered with a suplex of his own. He picked up Hero and hit a crucifix but it was broken by a Velveteen superkick. Hero wound up taking back control with a double clothesline. Hero threw Velveteen into the corner and started stomping away on him. Hero grabbed Velveteen by the hair and went for a Cyclone Kill. Scurll showed up out of nowhere and clubbed Hero in the head, stopping the finisher. Scurll exchanged blows with Hero but the Champion sent him stumbling back with a headbutt, then rammed him back into the corner with multiple shoulder blocks.

Mauro Ranallo: Chris Hero is looking to retain his championship early!

Hero dominated with offense as Scurll fought off his onslaught. Just as Hero was about to connect with a hard elbow, Velveteen grabbed Hero’s head and hit a Tornado DDT. Velveteen and Scurll took turns on Hero, stomping him multiple times. They knocked Hero to the floor with a double suplex. They whipped the champion into the ropes and charged after him. Hero ducked and pulled down the ropes, causing both Scurll and Velveteen to tumble down out to the ringside area. Hero charged back and forth as Scurll and Velveteen just got up, and launched through the ropes with a suicide dive. Hero started to take apart the announce table, to the delight of the crowd. Velveteen charged onto the apron and launched after Hero, but Hero caught him and hit a sidewalk slam onto Velveteen through the table. The table exploded into pieces as the crowd chanted “Holy Shit!”

Mauro Ranallo: MAMA MIA! The table has been decimated!

Velveteen was out like a light as Hero threw Scurll into the ring. Scurll blocked a hard punch by Hero and hit a superkick straight to Hero’s jaw. Hero stumbled back, but absorbed the hit. Scurll launched forward with a double drop kick, causing Hero to further stumble backward.

Corey Graves: Hero is not going down easily! What’s it going to take?!

Scurll charged off the ropes and hit a clothesline and Hero finally went down to the mat. Scurll immediately climbed up to the top rope and jumped off, hitting a textbook elbow drop for a two count.

Mauro Ranallo: The Villain looks like he’s taking control!

Scurll whipped Hero into the corner and started to prop him up on the top turnbuckle.

Corey Graves: Here we go, Mauro! We’re going to see the Birds of Prey!

Scurll grabbed Hero’s arms. Just as he was about to execute the move, He was stopped as Velveteen Dream hit a super kick on Hero’s jaw, causing him to tumble off the top rope, bounce off the apron and then land on the floor outside.

Mauro Ranallo: OH MY GOD! Hero is down!

Scurll took a swing at the Dream but Velveteen ducked it and hit a DDT. Without hesitating, Velveteen springboard to the top rope, spun around, and hit the Purple Rainmaker on Scurll!

Corey Graves: Textbook elbow drop! That thing is a work of art!

Velveteen Dream hooked the leg on Scurll: 1….2….3!

Mauro Ranallo: I can’t believe it! The Velveteen Dream is the new Breakout Champion!

Corey Graves: Prepare to enter a whole new era of weird, Mauro!

Velveteen Dream celebrated in the ring as the referee handed him the championship belt.

Mauro Ranallo: The Velveteen Dream has become a reality tonight at the Royal Rumble, and we’re just getting started!

The camera faded to a video package for the next match.


Christy Hemme: The following match is the Women’s Royal Rumble Match! The winner will go on to Wrestlemania Seventeen to face the EBWF Women’s Champions! Introducing first…

“Crushed” hit, and Alexa Bliss entered the match at number one.

Christy Hemme: From Columbus, Ohio, Alexa Bliss!

“I Believe in a Thing Called Love” brought out the next entrant.

Christy Hemme: Entering at number two, from Anaheim, California… she is Candice LeRae.

Christy left the ring, and the bell rang. The two women locked up and went at it. Alexa took control first, and avoided an early backstabber. She hit a pair of deep arm drags, keeping Candice grounded by the arm. Candice went for the Balls-plex but couldn’t get it. Candice tried to dump Bliss, but couldn’t connect. Bliss tried to dump LeRae to no avail. The countdown clock ran down to ten and “Kiss from a Rose” hit again.

Corey Graves: Awww man! Liv Morgan was supposed to enter here, but since she’s the new women’s champion, Mandy Rose has taken her place!

Rose went after Alexa first and then dropped Candice. Alexa fought back, but Mandy clotheslined her. Mandy tried to dump Alexa but Candice made the save. Mandy got a big headbutt on Candice, and LeRae went down. Alexa fought Mandy while Mandy was on the apron. She saved herself and fought in to stomp away in the corner. The timer began it’s countdown and the next woman out was Nikki Cross!

Maura Ranallo: Things just got a little more difficult!

Nikki and Candice went at it. Mandy tried to dump Alexa, and Nikki dropped Candice to the mat with a big right hand. Nikki tried to dump Candice to the outside, but she hung on. The crowd did the countdown and the next woman out was Summer Rae. Summer hit the ring and faced off with Alexa and Candice. Summer got the upper hand and then dropped Mandy. Nikki attacked Summer from behind. The two women tangled.

Corey Graves: Summer Rae is bringing the heat in the dead of winter! Look at her go.

“Angel on My Shoulder” hit the PA.

Corey Graves: What? We were expecting a surprise entrant but this music belongs to Vel…

Mauro Ranallo: What? Could it be…

Corey Graves: Angelina Love! That’s Angelina Love!

Love stormed the ring and went at it with Mandy Rose and then Summer Rae. She hit the Botox Injection on Summer. Then a discuss clothesline on Mandy Rose and Candice LeRae. Angelina went to the top and hit a big elbow drop on Candice. She popped back up and dropped Alexa with a big punch. The crowd was pumped when the countdown began once more. “Angel on My Shoulder” hit again, but this time Velvet Sky ran down the ramp way and slid in under the bottom rope.

Corey Graves: The Beautiful People! All things are possible in EBWF!

Vel unloaded until Summer dropped her with a DDT. Angelina hit the Botox Injection on Summer, which gave Velvet enough time to get up just in time for The Beautiful People to hit their double team finisher the Makeover on Nikki Cross. The crowd cheered! The countdown hit again, and Alicia Fox came to the ring, ready to try her hand at the Rumble. Alicia tried to dump Candice. LeRae backed Nikki into the corner and worked her over. Mandy pounced on Alicia and hit her into the corner. She then turned and drop kicked Velvet Sky.

Mauro Ranallo: The countdown again!

Once the crowd counted to ten - Maria Kanellis made her way out to the ring. She slid in under the bottom rope, and began to trade punches with Summer Rae. Maria bounced Summer off of the turnbuckle, and went to the middle rope. The crowd reacted as Alexa moved in on Maria quickly and knocked her off the corner, sending her over the top rope and to the outside.


Velvet took out Alicia. The countdown clock began again, and “Bossy” hit as Trish Stratus came out to the ring, and unloaded on Mandy Rose. Then she turned quickly to focus on Angelina Love, then Alexa Bliss. The Beautiful People dropkicked Nikki Cross, while Trish worked over Candice. The number eleven entrant came to the ring to a chorus of boos. Natalya was unimpressed with her welcome and mouthed off to the crowd. She turned once inside the ring and demanded the crowd show her a little respect. Trish Stratus checked Natalya in the back, and Natalya whirled around. Trish tried to land a kick, but Natalya caught it and turned it around into the sharpshooter. Trish struggled in the sharpshooter for a moment, but Alexa and Mandy Rose broke up the hold. Natalya was livid, as Trish to limped to her feet. Trish hit the Chick Kick and Natalya went up and over the top rope.


Trish mixed it up with the others, and worked over Mandy Rose, trying to dump her to the outside. The final entrant was Carmella. Carmella ran in and got a piece of everyone, but then ran into Stratusfaction from Trish Stratus. Velvet stepped to Trish as the crowd popped, and the two women squared up. Trish launched Velvet off of the ropes, and Candice LeRae knocked her down with a clothesline. She picked Velvet up and tossed her out of the ring before Angelina could break it up.


Nikki Cross floored Trish, and the others turned to beat Nikki down. Nikki exploded out, sending a few of the other girls flying. Carmella and Angelina tried to double team Nikki, but she uses her strength to toss out Carmella.


Alicia Fox waved sarcastically at Carmella, and Summer Rae took advantage of the situation, eliminating her over the top rope.


Trish dropped Candice, but Mandy Rose came up behind Trish and slammed her by her hair. Trish kipped up and went at Angelina. Trish struggled to toss Angelina, but finally dumped her over the top rope.


Corey Graves: We are down to Candice LeRae, Mandy Rose, Alexa Bliss, Trish Stratus, Nikki Cross and Summer Rae.

Candice hit a Balls-plex on Summer and then went to the top rope for the moonsault. Nikki Cross was having none of it and charged at Candice, pushing her off the top rope and onto the outside.


Alexa laid into Mandy Rose and the two began to argue. Mandy kicked Alexa and then taunted her. Alexa blocked Golden Wings and eliminated Mandy Rose!


Alexa turned around to Nikki Cross in her face. They turned swiftly, putting all their attention on Trish and Summer Rae. Then Nikki turned and dropped Alexa. The three girls triple teamed Alexa now, and took turns on her. Trish and Summer stomped away on Alexa in the corner. Nikki got in a few shots, and talked trash to Alexa. Alexa hit her hard, and Trish and Summer moved in on Nikki. Together the three women eliminated Cross.


The three women measured each other up, and Trish and Alexa went hard on Summer, trying to dump her out. She hung on and knocked both women down. Alexa got in some hard kicks to both Summer and Trish. Alexa leveled them both with big kicks to the head. Alexa tried to eliminate Trish but she hung on. Summer came from behind and Alexa went down. Summer then charged at Trish, knocking her off the ring apron.


Summer went back to pull Alexa back up by the hair. Alexa fought Summer off and mouthed off while pointing to the Wrestlemania sign, high above the arena. Alexa came off the top rope and hit a missile dropkick. Summer rolled to just underneath the ropes, and Alexa moved to help her up. The two women got tangled up in the ropes, with Alexa trying to apply a submission against them, dangling Summer over the top rope. Summer screamed out, keeping her legs wrapped around the second rope to keep herself from falling. Alexa broke the hold, but Summer was hanging awkwardly, trying to untangle herself. Alexa did a drop kick to Summer’s back, sending her off of the apron.


Corey Graves: Little Miss Bliss has done it! Alexa Bliss is the winner of the Women’s Rumble! She’s going to Wrestlemania!

Mauro Ranallo: She entered at number one and now she's the last woman standing!

Alexa jumped up onto the turnbuckle and pointed to the Wrestlemania sign as a video for the Rumble match began to play.


Corey Graves: It’s time for the main event! The thirty man Royal Rumble begins right now!

The countdown worked it’s way down from 10, and the fans chanted along for this unorthodox Rumble entry.


Mauro Ranallo: Our General Manager named Chris Jericho the number one entrant into the Royal Rumble!

Jericho entered the ring, and awaited the number two entrant. “I Hope You Suffer” hit and Jimmy Havoc came out to the ring, getting into the ring and waiting for the bell to ring. Jericho and Havoc locked up. Havoc almost tossed Jericho over the top but Jericho recovered. They traded right hands, and Havoc hit the ropes. Jericho dropkicked him with authority.

Corey Graves: I gotta think that Chris Jericho’s experience in the Royal Rumble will be a big factor here.

The crowd counted down to the number three entrant.


Corey Graves: Here comes the Miz!

Miz and Havoc traded punches. Miz pounced on Havoc in the corner, and hit a belly-to-belly suplex. Jericho got to his feet and got a belly-to-belly from Miz. Havoc caught Miz with a spinning heel kick. The countdown picked up again, and Dean Ambrose entered at #4.

Ambrose tossed Jericho into the ropes, but walked into a big suplex from Havoc. Havoc looked pleased with himself, but turned around into a Codebreaker. Jericho dumped Havoc over the top rope.


Ambrose took a moment to laugh at Havoc’s misfortune, but it was to his detriment as the Miz unloaded and tossed Ambrose over the top!


Miz was on fire and traded punches with Jericho. He hit the Skull Crushing Finale. The crowd cheered as the countdown began again and Chris Hero entered at number five. Jericho, Hero and Miz mixed it up in the ring for a full two minutes, before the countdown began again. At 10, PJ Black entered the fray. Jericho and PJ tangled up, with Jericho hitting a snap suplex on PJ. Miz jumped on Jericho to try a sleeper hold, and Hero kicked PJ in the gut. The number seven entrant was Mike Kanellis.

Corey Graves: Two men eliminated already, and we are awaiting the number eight entrant!

Kanellis blasted Miz with a back elbow, and then kneed PJ Black. He tried to follow that up with a Hammerlock DDT, but PJ countered and clotheslined Mike. The crowd signaled the buzzer again, and went wild when “Booyaka 619” filled the arena, and Rey Mysterio hustled down to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Who’s that jumpin’ out the sky, Corey?

Mysterio stepped up to Hero immediately and almost hit a snap suplex, but Jericho broke it up. There was a melee in the ring until the number 9 entrant made his appearance.

Corey Graves: Tommaso Ciampa in at number 9. We’re nearly a third of the way there!

Ciampa exploded into the ring, hitting a suplex on the Miz. Then he hit a headkick to Rey. Jericho caught Ciampa off guard and hit him with the Codebreaker.

“Let’s Go!”

The theme song for the number ten entrant, Sami Zayn, put some excitement back into the crowd. Sami hit the ring and immediately went after Chris Hero. The hits kept coming with nine men in the ring. Entrant number eleven was Lord Syxx, who entered the ring, and squared off with Jericho. PJ had Chris Hero on the ropes, and hit him with a big roundhouse kick that sent him over the top rope.


Jericho had his hands full with Syxx, and Miz went over for the assist. Jericho flopped Syxx to the outside, and he tried to hold on. Miz finished the job by shoulder checking Syxx to the outside.


Mauro Ranallo: Here comes the number twelve entrant, this is newcomer Marty Scurll!

Four men had been eliminated, and eight remained. It was nothing but punches being exchanged, and people being pushed up against the ropes for two more entrances, Tyler Breeze at number thirteen, and Kevin Owens at number fourteen.

Corey Graves: Owens is on fire!

Kevin hit the ring and took out everyone he could get his hands on. Kicks, knees and elbows for everyone. Marty Scurll came above the fray and hit a running knee that sent Sami Zayn tumbling to the outside.


Jericho had PJ against the corner, and was chopping him hard in the chest when Bobby Roode entered at number 15. The Miz stepped to The Glorious One, and they traded blows in the middle of the ring.

“If Ya Smellllllllll….”

The crowd was on their feet once again as the Rock ran down to the ring. The Rock got into the ring and ate an uppercut from Ciampa. Roode got the Gorilla Press on Rock, but Ciampa attacked him from behind, tossing him out of the ring.


After two minutes had passed, Jeff Hardy was welcomed back to EBWF and proceeded down to the ring. Hardy immediately went after the Rock, which was a thrill for the fans. Rock charged Hardy in the corner, but Hardy dashed out of the way. He hit the back body drop, putting The Rock on the outside. Jeff followed up by planting two feet in the Rock’s chest, sending him to the outside.


Tyler Breeze attacked Jeff on the apron. Jeff kicked Tyler in the head, and Breeze fell to the outside.


EBWF newcomer Bray Wyatt entered at number 18. He popped off the ropes and hit a clothesline on Mysterio. Rey backed against the ropes, and Wyatt hit another clothesline, flipping Rey dramatically out of the ring.


Quickly after, PJ kicked Owens in the head which caused him to fall over the top rope.


Ciampa hammerlock DDTed Scurll, and used the momentum to toss him out.


Eighteen men had entered and only seven remained. Chris Jericho, The Miz, PJ Black, Mike Kanellis, Tommaso Ciampa, Jeff Hardy and Bray Wyatt. The Velveteen Dream entered at number 19. After he entered the ring Hardy and Wyatt teamed up to dispatch of Ciampa.


On the other side of the ring, Mike Kanellis and and Velveteen Dream had tangled up. Tearing into each other, they each fell over the top rope.



Corey Graves: Here comes number twenty!

The car crash sound brought out the legend Mick Foley. He got into the ring and immediately went for PJ Black. Miz helped PJ, by clobbering Foley in the back of the head.

Mauro Ranallo: We’re waiting for a surprise entrant at number 21!

The crowd cheered as a tron lit up with black and white face paint.

Corey Graves: It’s The Icon! It’s Sting!

Sting got into the ring with Foley, Wyatt, Hardy, Black, Miz and Jericho. The seven men mixed it up until the number 22 entrant, Noam Dar came to the ring. Noam fell victim to a Twist of Fate from Jeff Hardy, and and Jericho finished the job, throwing one of the Gorgeous guys out of the ring.


Foley tried to get Mr. Socko on Sting, but the men left in the ring seized on Sting, and together Jericho, PJ Black, The Miz, and Foley eliminated Sting.


Foley, Wyatt, Jeff Hardy, PJ Black, The Miz and Jericho were once again left remaining. The 23rd entrant into the match had the crowd on their feet. Dalton Castle made his exaggerated entrance, complete with telling the boys that it was time to go break some hearts. Castle proceeded into the ring and hit the Anchors Away on Foley. Jericho kicked Mick in the side of the head, and Dalton finished the job, sending the big man over the top rope and to the outside.


Mauro Ranallo: Welcome home Dalton Castle!


Strowman came out at number 24, and immediately went head to head with Bray Wyatt. Braun dispatched Wyatt to the corner and turned to survey his opponents in the ring. Hardy and Jericho were tangled up near the corner, and Strowman charged them with a massive double clothesline sending them to the outside.



“You Think You Know Me…”

Corey Graves: It’s the ultimate opportunist, Mauro!

Mauro Ranallo: The Rated R Superstar enters at number 25.

Edge joined Strowman, Dalton Castle, Bray Wyatt, PJ Black and The Miz in the ring. The six men traded punches, and near eliminations until “Phenomenal” hit and AJ Styles entered the ring at number twenty six. Miz tried to hit the Skull Crushing Finale, but Styles countered and hit a basement DDT. Styles hit a series of kicks on Miz. Samoa Joe entered at number 27. The big man was confronted by AJ Styles, but Joe hit him with a wicked headbutt and discarded him from the ring.


Joe admired his handiwork for just a moment too long and found himself eliminated by Braun Strowman.


The EBWF Universe erupted as the countdown began for entrant number 28. The seconds clicked down. Four… Three… Two… One. The buzzer sounded as the lights went out. The action continued in the ring while the sound of static roared onto the sound system. The tron flickered to life with static. Inside the static, the words “he’s here” shined through the static in blood red. Grey lights filled the arena as soft music begun to play. From the entrance way, two figures walked out.

Corey Graves: It’s him Mauro!

Mauro Ranallo: Could this be? Is it the Man in Static?

One larger male and a slender female, both of which had their faces covered in a familiar wolf mask. The two stood side by side with only a few feet in between them. The soft music cut off and was replaced with the loud music, recognized by only a few. The theme was “Lost in the Static” by After the Burial. From the entrance way, one more masked man walked slowly out. He strolled up until he was in between the two other masked figures. The middle man’s head turned as looked at both the larger male and the slender female. The crowd watched what was happening on the stage as the action continued in the ring. The man in the middle lifted his hands up to his mask and touched it softly. He then lifted it up off his head. As the mask moved off his face, small features could be made out.

Mauro Ranallo: We’re going to finally see who’s under the mask.

A full dark beard was the first to be seen. Then his mouth with a piercing on his right side. The mask continued to rise past his nose. His eyes were closed as the mask revealed them. Finally, the mask lifted off his head. He opened his eyes and tossed the mask to the side.

Corey Graves: Oh my god, Mauro! Do you know who that is? It’s Tommy End!

Revealed now, Tommy looked at the two figures once again before he turned his attention to the ring. As he walked forward to the ring, the large male and slender female slowly backed away back behind the curtain. Tommy End slowly made his way down the ramp.

Mauro Ranallo: I can't believe what we're seeing!

End hit the ring and destroyed everyone. He assaulted Miz, and trapped him in the corner, clotheslining him over and over again.

Corey Graves: The Miz has been in this match for over 45 minutes!

The number 29 entrant was none other than Randy Orton. End went for Orton immediately, and almost tossed him out, but Edge saved him. Tommy End hit Edge with the big boot, and Strowman grabbed Orton up and power bombed him over the top rope, to the stunned confusion of the EBWF Universe.


Strowman threw his hands up in the air, almost as if in celebration, and Edge, Bray Wyatt and Tommy End seized the opportunity to tackle him over the top rope and out of the ring.


"Hart Attack" hit after the countdown, and the crowd awaited the arrival of Bret Hart, who did not immediately come out to the stage area. Suddenly the tron lit up. Officials were seen backstage. Bret Hart was fallen, and badly beaten. His face bloody. Most of the activity in the ring stopped, and then the tron flickered again.


"Devil's Sky" hit the PA and the crowd was on their feet, confused.

Corey Graves: Mauro!

A figure came onto the stage, dressed in wrestling tights, sunglasses and a leather jacket.

Mauro Ranallo: Is that? That's New Japan Sensation Kenny Omega! What is he doing in EBWF?!

Omega removed his jacket and charged the ring. He almost dumped out Dalton Castle, but Edge attacked him. Omega slid out of the way, and Edge sailed over the top rope.


Bray Wyatt hit the Sister Abigail on Omega. Dalton Castle went to the second rope, no doubt setting up for Anchors Away, but Bray Wyatt lunged at him, and knocked him out of the corner and out of the ring!


Corey Graves: We're down to five as only Tommy End, Bray Wyatt, Kenny Omega, PJ Black and the Miz remain.

PJ Black and The Miz looked at each other and then at the two EBWF newcomers. They charged at Omega and End, laying stiff right hands, while Bray Wyatt laid back, letting this play out. Bray saw an in and tried to jump on Miz, but Tommy End had seen enough, and hit Bray with a vicious clothesline that turned him right side up and forced him over the top rope.


The final four are Miz, Omega, Black and Tommy End. PJ and Miz beat down Tommy and Omega. Miz tries to keep PJ on the same page, but the tables turn and End and Omega get the upper hand. Omega and Tommy face off, and Tommy came in with the roll through dropkick on Omega. Miz and PJ clotheslined Tommy and Omega. PJ hits a back body drop on Miz, and calls for the Black Diamond. Miz reverses and hits a suplex. Kenny called for the One-Winged Angel but Tommy countered, getting Kenny on the ground and hitting a standing double stomp. Tommy's balance was off and PJ grabbed him, giving him a whirl and tossing him over the top.


The Miz planted PJ with a suplex, Miz tried the SCF but PJ reversed and hit Black to the future. Miz hit the SCF on PJ, and then tried to suplex Kenny Omega out of the ring. Omega countered and sent Miz to the apron. Omega kneed Miz in the head, and he fell to the outside.


Corey Graves: The Miz was in this match for over an hour! What a performance!

Mauro Ranallo: But it wasn't enough! We're down to two men. One of them will be world champion. Will it be PJ Black or Kenny Omega?

Kenny taunts PJ a little bit, and the two men trade strikes. Omega hit the ropes, but PJ met him in the middle with the discuss elbow smash. PJ tossed Omega out, but he landed on the apron. Omega kneed PJ in the face. Omega locked on a hanging triangle over the rope, and PJ pulled him back into the ring, powerbombing him. PJ tried to tackle Omega down, but Omega kneed him in the head. He called for the One Winged Angel again, but PJ tackled him back to the mat. Both men were down. PJ was first to his feet, and climbed the turnbuckle, calling for the 450 splash. Omega was quick to follow after, meeting him in the corner.

Mauro Ranallo: It's perilous for PJ on that second rope.

Omega moved to stand on the first rope, and the two men traded punches. PJ lost his balance, and fell to the ring apron, but saved himself by grabbing the top rope. Omega hit the enzuigiri to the back of Black's head, and it was lights out as PJ released the rope and fell to the outside. The bell rang. The crowd roared.

Christy Hemme: Your winner and the NEW EBWF World Champion... Kenny OMEGA!

Corey Graves: I cannot believe what we've just seen Mauro.

Mauro Ranallo: Not only is Kenny Omega here, but he's done the unthinkable. He's just captured EBWF Gold on his first day on the job.

Omega was awarded the EBWF World Championship. He stood in the center of the ring and held it high above his head.

Corey Graves: It's going to be an interesting night next Monday on Warfare!

The camera focused on Omega as the Royal Rumble went off the air.
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