Wrestlemania XVII Results 03/25/2018

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Wrestlemania XVII Results 03/25/2018

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Mauro Ranallo: Good evening and welcome to the biggest night of the year... Wrestlemania!

Corey Graves: 75,000 fans inside the Superdome, and what a show we have in store Mauro!

Mauro Ranallo: Eight huge matches will take place tonight, and we're kicking off the show with a ladder match for the Tag Team Championships!

Corey Graves: Can the bizarre team of Dalton Castle and Grado retain the gold against the former champs, Noam Dar and Tyler Breeze, and the formidable duo that is Michael Dante and Tommy End?

They cut to a shot of the Tag Titles, which were hanging above the ring, then showed shots of the ringside area, where several ladders had been placed. The Sumerian Death Squad, Dante and End, came to the ring first to a chorus of boos, then out game the Gorgeous Guys, Dar and Breeze, who received a more mixed reaction.

Mauro Ranallo: It looks like the Gorgeous Guys have some fans here in New Orleans, Corey!

Corey Graves: Well fans have travelled from all around the world to be here, Mauro... some of them are bound to like Noam Dar and Tyler Breeze!

When both sets of challengers had entered the ring, a rock version of "Like a Prayer" blasted through the PA system. After the chorus, the song transitioned into "You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC.

Mauro Ranallo: This is Grado and Dalton Castle's new tag theme... "Shook Me Like a Prayer" by Rock Sugar! It's a strange mash-up, but it works... just like Grado and Castle!

Corey Graves: We've got 75,000 fans singing along to this "strange mash-up" Mauro... it's a surreal Wrestlemania moment!

When Grado and Castle entered the ring, Castle pointed up and the titles and motioned to his waist, signalling that he intended to retain the championships. Grado danced around the ring, enjoying his moment. The referee called for the bell and the Gorgeous Guys immediately went after Grado, while Sumerian Death Squad double-teamed Dalton Castle.

Corey Graves: The problem with being the champs is it puts a target on your back!

End and Dante made quick work of Dalton Castle, pummelling him with a series of punches and kicks then throwing him out of the ring. Across the ring, Grado was putting up a good fight against Dar and Breeze, and after hitting Breeze with a bionic elbow, he lifted Dar up onto his shoulders, hitting a fireman's carry slam. As Grado got back to his feet, End and Dante hit him with a double big boot! Dante then rolled out of the ring and grabbed a ladder, which he brought into the ring. As Sumerian Death Squad set the ladder up, Dalton Castle re-entered the ring, and he went after Dante. Tommy End attacked Castle, trying to help his partner, but Grado came to Castle's aid, hitting Michael Dante with a German suplex. End then hit Grado with a high knee, before turning around and getting hit with an exploder suplex by Dalton Castle! For a moment, Castle was the only man standing, and he began to climb the ladder, but Breeze and Dar dragged him down, then whipped him into the corner. Dar ran at Castle and hit him with a European uppercut, then as Castle staggered out of the corner, Breeze hit him with the Supermodel Kick! Breeze told Dar to climb the ladder, then stood guard at the bottom of the ladder. Dante was the first person to get to his feet, and as he and Breeze exchanged right hands, Grado grabbed the ladder and pushed it over, sending Dar flying! Dar landed on the ropes, then fell to the outside, catching his left knee on the ring apron on the way down. Dar cried out in pain and clutched his knee.

Mauro Ranallo: It looks like Noam Dar has hurt his knee there... Tyler Breeze might have to fight the rest of this match without his partner!

Corey Graves: It was always going to be difficult for the Gorgeous Guys to regain the titles here tonight, but now Tyler Breeze's task just got twice as hard!

As a paramedic ran to the ringside area to check on Noam Dar, Breeze continued to battle Dante in the ring, while Grado was attacked by Tommy End. Grado appeared to gain the upper hand, but after Dante had taken Breeze down with a DDT, he came to his partner's aid. As Dante held Grado in a reverse bodyscissors, End went to the top rope, hitting a diving double knee drop! Tyler Breeze went after Dante, but Sumerian Death Squad beat Breeze down and threw him out of the ring. End and Dante then began climbing the ladder simultaneously, and as they neared the top of the ladder, they reached up for the titles.

Mauro Ranallo: We could have new champs here Corey!

Corey Graves: Not so fast, Mauro – look!

Dalton Castle was on his feet, and he climbed up the ladder after Michael Dante, slamming his head off the ladder then throwing him down to the mat. Castle then fought End at the top of the ladder, desperately trying to keep him from grabbing the gold. As Castle and End exchanged punches, Grado got to his feet and yelled at Castle to jump! Grado then pushed the ladder over, and as he did so, Dalton Castle jumped. To the delight of the crowd, Grado was able to catch his partner!

Mauro Ranallo: Impressive reflexes there from Grado! He stopped Dalton Castle from getting hurt there!

Castle gratefully hugged Grado, then grabbed the ladder, setting it back up underneath the titles. Before either Castle or Grado could begin climbing, Tyler Breeze entered the ring with a ladder of his own! Breeze drilled Grado in the ribs with the ladder, then ran at Dalton Castle and hit him with the ladder. Breeze hit Grado with the ladder a second time for good measure, then set it up next to the other ladder. As Breeze contemplated which ladder to climb, Michael Dante got to his feet and ran at Breeze, going for a clothesline. Breeze ducked out of the way and grabbed Dante from behind, hitting him with the Unprettier! Breeze then began climbing the second ladder – the one he had brought into the ring. As Breeze was halfway up the ladder, Castle got to his feet and climbed up after Breeze, grabbing him by the leg. Breeze kicked Castle away and continued climbing. As he neared the top of the ladder, Grado began to stir. Castle yelled "Grado, give me a boost", then ran at Grado. Springboarding off Grado's shoulders, Castle jumped up in the air, hitting Breeze with a flying forearm smash!

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia!

Corey Graves: Innovate but effective by Dalton Castle!

Both Castle and Breeze fell to the mat, and the ladder swayed from side to side unsteadily. Grado collapsed the ladder and put it on the mat, then picked up Breeze and body slammed him onto the ladder. Grado climbed to the top rope and went for a Senton... but Breeze moved out of the way at the last second, causing Grado to land on the ladder! Grado cried out in pain, clutching his back, and Breeze grabbed him by the leg, putting him in a single-leg Boston crab! Castle came to Grado's aid, attacking Breeze and forcing him to break the hold. Castle then lifted Breeze up, hitting the Bang-A-Rang onto the ladder!

Mauro Ranallo: Someone get Tyler Breeze an Oscar, because Dalton Castle just sent him to La La Land!

Castle looked pleased with himself, but his euphoria was short-lived as Tommy End hit him with an Owari Death Kick! End then helped Michael Dante to his feet, but as he did so, Grado began to stir. End whipped Grado into the corner, and signalled to Dante for the Majestic Twelve. Dante moved onto the ring apron, and both members of the Sumerian Death Squad ran at Grado simultaneously. As Dante jumped through the ropes and hit a spear, End hit Grado with a knee strike! Everyone was out except the Sumerian Death Squad, and Tommy End pointed up to the Tag Team Titles. End and Dante climbed the ladder together, retrieving the championships.

Corey Graves: It's over! We have new champs, and what a way to kick off Wrestlemania!

"Lost in the Static" by After the Burial played over the sound system, and the Sumerian Death Squad held their titles in the air proudly, before making their way to the back.


Mauro Ranallo: New Orleans has been an incredible host city for Wrestlemania this year, and we're just getting started.

Corey Graves: But it's time for the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area to watch tonight with anticipation, because late last week the Chairman announced at a press conference that Wrestlemania Eighteen will return to MetLife Stadium in 2019!

Mauro Ranallo: We look forward to it all year long, and the best is still to come tonight!

"Rebel Son" hit the PA and Wade Barrett returned to the Wrestlemania stage!

Mauro Ranallo: Wade Barrett had some bad news for Marty Scurll when he announced he was coming to Wrestlemania.

Corey Graves: This could work out in Scurll's favor though as the winner of this match is actually going to have a bye in the first round of the King of the Ring Tournament which starts in the middle of May!

"One True Villain" filled the sound system and Marty Scurll made his way out to the ring. He enjoyed the walk down the extra long ramp. Once he was inside, the bell rang. Scurll instantly sent Barrett to the floor and the capacity sized crowd was stunned. Scurll followed up with a kick to the head from the apron. Barrett pounced on him and began to pummel him on the outside. Barrett threw Scurll into the ring, but had time to recover while Barrett followed after. Scurll began to kick away at Barrett's leg, really focusing on it. Barrett recovered and threw Scurll to the mat. He hit a curb stomp, and went for a pin.




Mauro Ranallo: Barrett nearly stole one there.

Barrett grabbed Scurll around the neck, and gave him a swift kick that sent him into the corner. Barrett landed a hard elbow to Scurll's head. Scurll flopped out of the corner, and Barrett went for a pin again.




Barrett looked at the referee in disbelief, and complained.

Corey Graves: That's just poor sportsmanship, Wade!

Scurll got to his feet and tried to mount an offense. Scurll went after Wade's legs again, but Barrett hit an ear clap which disoriented Marty. Scurll seemed to sway, which was just enough to fool Barrett, who charged in a little closer and got hit with a brainbuster! Scurll scrambled for a quick cover to end this thing.



Mauro Ranallo: Kickout from Wade Barrett!

Wade got to his feet and Scurll charged toward him, but Wade countered and slammed him face-first to the mat. Scurll kicked Wade's legs out from under him and then dropped his knees on Wade's leg. Wade used his other leg to kick Scurll away, and Marty flopped out of the ring. Scurll got up on the outside, but Wade dove between the second and top ropes with a suicide dive. The crowd went wild.

Corey Graves: A little outside of Barrett's wheelhouse, but the crowd seems to appreciate it!

The men battled back to the ring apron, and moved back inside. Barrett went for a suplex, but Scurll countered with the Bird of Prey and pinned Barrett.




Mauro Ranallo: It's over! Scurll has done it!

Corey Graves: Marty Scurll has his Wrestlemania moment, and has a bye in the first round of the King of the Ring Tournament.


Mauro Ranallo: Up next, we've got women's action as Mandy Rose takes on Candice LeRae to determine the number one contender for the Women's Championship!

"I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by The Darkness hit and the crowd cheered as Candice LeRae made her way to the ring. When Candice was in the ring, "Kiss from a Rose" by Wake Me hit, and the cheers quickly turned to boos as Mandy Rose stepped out onto the stage. Rose seemed undeterred by 75,000 fans booing her, and she walked down the ramp with a confident strut.

Corey Graves: Mandy Rose made history by winning the Women's Title on her EBWF debut, in the first ever women's Elimination Chamber match. She has been on somewhat of a losing streak since then, but can the Golden Goddess return to winning ways tonight and earn another title opportunity?

After Rose had entered the ring, the referee called for the bell and the two women locked up. Mandy went for a snapmare, but Candice blocked it, countering with a reverse DDT. She pulled Mandy to her feet and whipped her into the corner, then went for a corner clothesline, but as Candice ran towards her Mandy moved out of the corner, charging at Candice and taking her down with a spear! Mandy punched Candice against the mat several times, then pulled her to her feet and hit a neckbreaker. She hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... kickout! Mandy pulled Candice to her feet once more and went to whip her against the ropes, but Candice reversed the Irish whip, sending Mandy Rose into the ropes. As Mandy ran back towards her, Candice hit a dropkick, then as both women got to their feet, Candice hit a single knee facebreaker. Candice then went to the top rope, and hit Mandy with a moonsault!

Mauro Ranallo: Beautiful athleticism there by Candice LeRae!

Candice hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... kickout! Candice looked frustrated, and she pulled Rose to her feet, dragging her towards the corner and slamming her head off the top turnbuckle. Candice sat Mandy on the top rope, setting her up for Ms LeRae's Wild Ride! Before she could hit it, Rose fought back, hitting Candice with a series of punches then knocking her off the turnbuckle. As Candice got back to her feet, Mandy hit her with a diving crossbody!

Mauro Ranallo: Well Corey, Mandy Rose went for a wild ride alright... but not the one Ms LeRae had in mind!

Both women got to their feet, and Mandy hit Candice with the Golden Wings! She hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... 3!

Corey Graves: It's over! Mandy Rose returns to winning ways, and the Golden Goddess is back in the hunt for the gold!

The referee called for bell and raised Mandy's arm in victory. Rose celebrated in the ring, then made her way to the back, looking pleased with herself as she walked up the ramp. The crowd applauded the efforts of Candice LeRae, who looked bitterly disappointed.


Christy Hemme: The following contest is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, BOBBY ROODE!

“Glorious! I won't give in, I won't give in!”The arena sang along with the catchiest theme song in the game today as Bobby Roode stepped out onto the stage in a blinding white robe. He strutted down the ramp, soaking in the reaction.

Christy Hemme: And his opponent, from Gainesville, Georgia, the Phenomenal, AJ STYLES!

Styles whipped off his hood and struck a pose as pyro shot off the stage. He bumped fists and exchanged Too Sweet with children wearing his signature P1 gloves as he made his way to ring side.

Christy Hemme: And their opponent, from St. Louis Missouri, RANDY ORTON!

The crowd erupted at the familiar strains of A Perfect Circle, and the appearance of serpentine eyes on the tron. Randy Orton slowly stalked his way down the ramp, climbed onto the turnbuckle and struck his Viper pose as sparks rained down on the ring.


All three competitors circled each other, casting shifty glances to either side, trying to determine who will make the first move. A flash of understanding crept across the face of Styles and he nodded once to Roode. Orton noticed and steeled himself as both opponents rushed him. He tried to push them off, but four hard fists raining down pushed Orton to the mat. Styles continued to throw rabbit punches at the back of his head while Roode stomped away. The referee forced a break, and Bobby clotheslined Orton over the ropes when he got to his feet. Roode took a moment to gloat, and AJ rolled him up with a schoolboy. 



Roode kicked out, grabbed AJ's legs and floated over into a jackknife pin.



AJ kicked his legs free, crossed them over Roode's arms and shifted his weight to pin his shoulders to the mat.



Roode rolled backwards, planted his feet on the ground and drove up with his hips to leverage AJ onto the mat.



AJ kicked out and both men rose to their feet, fists clenched. Roode took one step towards AJ and then dropped out of cameraview as he was hit with an RKO. Orton and Styles traded blows. Randy ducked a spinning backfist, hooked an arm around AJ and delivered his signature side backbreaker followed by a dropkick to the back of the head. Randy placed a finger behind his ear, signaling the crowd to erupt in applause, then ground his foot down into Styles' ankle.

Mauro Ranallo: The Viper going around the horn with some vicious Garvin stomps!

Corey Graves: Doing damage to every part of the body, picking his opponents apart piece by piece. It's a strategy that has always served The Apex Predator well.

Mauro Ranallo: And finishing the sequence with a knee drop to the face! But no time to bask in Wrestlemania glory, Roode is back in the game!

Bobby exploded on Orton with some sharp forearms and a discus clothesline. He climbed onto the second turnbuckle and crowned Orton with a double axehandle and followed it with a twisting neckbreaker. He covered. 



AJ broke up the pin with a running kick to the face. He landed a series of strikes on Roode, ending with a Pele kick that knocked the Glorious One out of the ring. Orton tried to catch him off guard with a lariat, but AJ ducked. When Orton turned around, AJ scooped him up onto his shoulders and dropped him neckfirst over his knee.

Mauro Ranallo: USHIGIROSHI! 

Corey Graves: Looks aren't looking great for Orton, Mauro. That devastating neckbreaker is usually followed up by the Phenomenal Forearm.

Mauro Ranallo: Indeed, and AJ Styles is feeling it too, Corey. He's on the apron, just waiting for Orton to get to his feet!

Roode grabbed at AJ's leg. Styles kicked him away, but it gave Orton enough time to recover. He struck AJ, pulled him through the ropes, and drilled him with a draping DDT. Roode climbed onto the top rope and caught Orton with a Blockbuster. He struck his Glorious pose, calling for his own DDT. He lifted Orton up into position, but Randy struggled and ended up pushing Roode off and into the referee, knocking him to the ground. Roode checked on the downed official then turned into...

Corey Graves: RKO! RKO! Bobby Roode hit with his second RKO this evening!

Mauro Ranallo: But the official is still down as well, Corey, there's no one to make a count!

Corey Graves: Umm, I don't think Orton is going for the pin anyway, Mauro. He just got that predatory look in his eye and he's backing into a corner.

Mauro Ranallo: He's not thinking what I think he's thinking, is he, Corey?

Corey Graves: You're damn right he is, Mauro. It's Wrestlemania, the biggest night of the year, and Orton is pulling out something special just for Bobby Roode.

Mauro Ranallo: Roode struggling to his knees, he's in position! Orton charging out of the corner for a Wrestlemania sized punt kick! MAMMA MIA! AJ STYLES, PHENOMENAL FOREARM!

Corey Graves: Styles cuts off the punt kick with the Phenomenal Forearm! He may have just saved Bobby Roode's career!

Mauro Ranallo: But instead of a thank you card, Roode gives him a boot to the gut. Irish whip into the ropes. SPINEBUSTER! ONTO ORTON!

Corey Graves: Bobby Roode using AJ Styles as a weapon to bludgeon the Viper! Now lifting Orton up...GLORIOUS DDT! The pin!





Christy Hemme: Here is your winner, BOBBYYYYYY ROOOOOODE!

Mauro Ranallo: Three world-class athletes went into that ring, but only Bobby Roode comes out as the number one contender for Dalton Castle's Gateway Championship.

Corey Graves: And speaking of championships, we have another championship match, coming up next!


Mauro Ranallo: Up next, the Breakout Championship match! Jeff Hardy will take on Seth Rollins!

Corey Graves: I can't wait for this match, Mauro!

Mauro Ranallo: And now we'll go to ringside with Christy Hemme who will make the announcement!

The camera focused in on Christy Hemme who smiled, mic in hand.

Christy Hemme: The following match is scheduled for one-fall, and it is for the EBWF Breakou--"

"Your sin gonna waste you brother..."

Christy was cut short as "Missile" by Dorothy blasted out of the speakers.

Corey Graves: Wait what?! We're going to be visited by the Queen?! The Blackheart of the EBWF?

Mauro Ranallo: Natalya is not scheduled for a match tonight, I wonder what she's doing out here.

Corey Graves: Are you kidding me, Mauro? Does the President need a press pass to walk around the White House?! This is Natalya, Mauro! She's the Queen and she can go wherever she wants!

Natalya, dressed sharply in a black skirt suit with a pink blouse, walked down the ramp. Her scowl made it apparent that she was not pleased with something. Several fans reached our for a high five and she strolled past them without even giving them a second look. Her music continued to blare on as she stepped through the ropes and got into the ring, heading over to the opposite side and barking at a ring technician to give her a live mic. She walked to the center of the ring and looked out at the 70,000+ in attendance, most of which were cascading boos down upon her. An unamused expression remained permanently etched on her features as she pursed her lips and silently waited for the crowd to die down.

They didn't.

Finally, she brought the mic up to her lips.

Natalya: I got alllll night. It's you fools who have to go to work at the factory in the morning.

That got her more boos.

Natalya: That's fine. I'm used to the disrespect. I'm used to you people taking me for granted, when you all know that I am a once in a lifetime generational talent. In many ways that makes you all no different than the people who make the decisions back there. Let's count the ways, shall we?

She narrowed her eyes at the boos.

Natalya: Let's start off with the fact that not only did I take home two Slammys this year, I also am your 2018 Women's Wrestler of the Year. And yet here I am at Wrestlemania in a suit. Why am I not in a match? Why am I not main eventing this show? Boo me all you want, but every single one of you knows for a fact that I have more wrestling skill, more charisma and more talent in my left pinkie than Jimmy Havoc, Wes Ikeda, Kenny Omega and the Miz combined.

She huffed as the crowd let her know exactly what they thought of her opinion.

Natalya: I was your EBWF Women's Champion for the entire year, I have two Slammys, and hell even my cat 2Pawz won an award, and do I get any respect?! Of course not! I don't even have a match! I'm the most dominant woman this women's division has seen in years, but nooooo, no room on the card for little old me! Yet they managed to drag Zahra freaking Schreiber from the doldrums of obscurity to face the other two women I've already beaten and one of them is going to walk out with MY title. How's that for disrespect?

The crowd booed her loudly, and she started to nod.

Natalya: Yeah, exactly! Not fair, am I right? Good, I'm glad to see we're finally on the same page. The fact of the matter is that you have a Wrestlemania without Natalya in it, and you're just planning for failure. So that's why I'm here. I am sick and tired of people taking me for granted. I'm the Queen, damn it! And so I am out here to show you all just what a proper champion and face of the company looks like.

She extended her arms out and did a slow 360 degree turn with an arrogant smile on her face as the boos began flooding in again.

Natalya: And now that you can see what true perfection looks like, you're going to have to see what it's like to be without it because I......QUIT!

Natalya angrily threw the mic down onto the ring mat. The mic made a loud pop noise from the speakers and she stormed out of the ring. No music played as she walked up the ramp.

Mauro Ranallo: Did she just...

Corey Graves: NO! It can't be!! Someone stop her! I'll talk her out of it! Do you see what you did Mauro? She's had enough of the disrespect!

Natalya threw open the curtain and disappeared backstage as the camera faded to a video package for the Women's Championship match.


Mauro Ranallo: Wrestlemania has already lived up to the hype, Corey, and it is only going to get hotter from here!

Corey Graves: That's right, Mauro, this next contest is a dream matchup few thought they'd ever see.

Christy Hemme: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the EBWF Breakout Championship!

The crowd cheered.

Christy Hemme: Introducing first, from Davenport, Iowa, SEEETH ROOOOLLIIIINS!

The drum heavy opening of Lit's “The Broken” echoed through the arena as Seth Rollins stepped out onto an entryway filled with sleek vector graphics and the slogan “The Future Starts Now.” He pounded his chest and marched down the long ramp with purpose.

Christy Hemme: And his opponent, from Cameron, North Carolina, he is the EBWF Breakout Champion, JEEEEFF HAAARDYYYY!

In a change of pace, Jeff Hardy came out to the sinister sounds of Peroxwhy?gen “Obsolete,” poking fun at Rollins' claim that the wrestling world will pass him by. He took his time getting to the ring, absorbing the energy from his “creatures.”


Rollins shot in for a lockup, but Hardy surprised him with a kick to the gut and called for the Twist of Fate. He kept Rollins grounded with some stomps and pounded on his back when he got to his feet. Hardy whipped Rollins into the ropes. He ducked under a Hardy clothesline, picking up speed and flattening Jeff with running crossbody. He followed Jeff to the mat, throwing a flurry of right hands. He picked Jeff off the ground and tried to butterfly his arms into position for a Pedigree, Hardy fought loose, grabbed Seth around the waist and gave him a Manhattan Drop. Seth fell to his knees in an appropriately exaggerated sell job and ate a basement drop kick to the face. Jeff capped it off with a lightning legdrop and went for a cover, with Rollins kicking out just before the two count.

Hardy threw hard strikes at Rollins to back him into the corner then grabbed him for a running bulldog. Rollins pushed him off, but kept hold of his arm to pull him back into the ripcord knee strike. Rollins hopped onto the second turnbuckle and sprung off to drop the dazed Hardy with a Blockbuster. He quickly hooked a leg, but only garnered a two. Hardy rolled to the outside and Rollins began to hop up and down with excitement before hitting the ropes.

Corey Graves: The Architect is building up a head of steam.

Mauro Ranallo: TOPE SUICIDA! Seth Rollins taking a page from the Jeff Hardy playbook and throwing caution to the wind!

Corey Graves: Rollins has told The Charismatic Enigma that it's time for him to move aside and let the future take over, and he should have definitely taken that advice before he was flattened by Seth Frickin' Rollins.

Mauro Ranallo: Now Rollins pointing at the barricade with wicked intentions!

Corey Graves: The running buckle bomb is the most dangerous move in the Architect's toolbag, Mauro! He's willing to do whatever it takes to leave Wrestlemania as champion!

Mauro Ranallo: Hardy up on Rollins' shoulders, charging at the barricade. But Jeff shifts momentum into a headscissors and now Rollins is the one going for a ride into the wall!

Jeff stayed on Rollins, stomping him into the floor and using the barricade to lift himself up to deliver a version of his trademark swinging double stomp. Hardy rolled Rollins back into the ring and tossed in a chair. The referee tried to admonish Hardy but he was shooed away as Jeff set the chair up near the corner and waited for Seth to use the post to regain his footing. Jeff charged forward, stepped off the chair and landed the Poetry in Motion, pinning Seth against the turnbuckle. Seth slumped but didn't fall, so Hardy looked to the crowd for their opinion if he should hit it again. They roared in approval and Hardy obliged with a second Poetry. Seth's knees began to buckle but he managed keep from hitting the mat. Jeff indicated he was going for a third flying leg lariat and began his charge. Rollins pushed out of the corner, stepped onto the chair first and cut Hardy off with a high impact Slingblade. Both men struggled to catch their breath on the mat while the chair was removed from the ring.

Rollins was the first up and he caught Hardy with a running kick to the chest followed by a standing moonsault, hooking the leg for another two count. He pulled Jeff to his feet and threw him into the corner, propping him up on the top turnbuckle. He climbed up with him, hooked the head and took flight.

Mauro Ranallo: Superplex! But Rollins isn't done, he's rolling through!

Corey Graves: He's doing the Deal! Falcon Arrow! No one kicks out of the Falcon Arrow!



2.9! Kick out!

Corey Graves: Okay, sometimes people kick out of the Falcon Arrow.

Rollins stalked Hardy as he struggled to push off the mat. He shot out his foot, looking to connect with the Avada Kedavra low superkick. Hardy caught his foot and executed a double leg trip. He held the legs apart and hit a double leg drop to the lower regions. Hardy waited for Rollins to get to his feet, caught him with a boot to the gut and hit the Twist of Fate. He went for the cover.




Hardy pulled Seth into the middle of ring and slammed him with sit out gordbuster. He rolled Seth onto his back and climbed to the top rope. Hardy paused to peel off his rash guard to the delighted squeals of the females in attendance and let out a howl.

Mauro Ranallo: Jeff Hardy is ready to drop the bomb!

Corey Graves: How many times have we seen this at Wrestlemania, Mauro? And it gives me goosebumps every time!

Mauro Ranallo: SWANTON BOMB!

Corey Graves: Seth rolls out of the way! Hardy slams into the mat!

Mauro Ranallo: Rollins first to his feet, he sees his opportunity! BLACK OUT!

Corey Graves: Hardy stomped into the ground! Rollins rolls him over and hooks the leg!





Christy Hemme: Here is your winner, and NEW Breakout Champion, SEEEETH ROOOOLLIIIIINS!

Corey Graves: On this night, Seth Rollins stands tall. He told Hardy that the future was going to pass him by, and it has come to pass!

Mauro Ranallo: Take nothing away from Jeff Hardy, but tonight was the true arrival of Seth Rollins to EBWF, and will anything be the same again?


The lights dimmed as “Crush” by Parkway Drive hit the PA System. Out walked Alexa Bliss with a smug look on her face. The crowd booed her but she paid no attention to them as she strutted confidently down toward the ring.

Christy Hemme: The following match is a triple threat for the EBWF Women’s Championship. Making her way to the ring first, from Columbus, Ohio… ALEXAAA BLISS!!!

Once Alexa was in the ring, “Lost in the Static” by After The Burial took over the PA system. The crowd continued to boo loudly as a dark figure emerged from behind the staging curtains. Zahra walked down the ramp, stone-faced, showing no emotion.

Christy Hemme: From Charlotte, North Carolina…. ZAHRRAAA SCHREEIIBBBEERRRR!!

Zahra glared a hole through Alexa as she made her way into the ring. Suddenly the lights dimmed momentarily before they flashed back to life. “Illest” by Far East Movement took over the PA. The crowd went crazy as the EBWF Women’s Champion burst out on the stage full of energy.

Christy Hemme: And making her way to the ring, from Elmwood Park, New Jersey, she is your reigning EBWF Women’s Champion… LIVVVVV MORRRGGAANNN!!

Liv pointed at the ring with finger guns aimed at both of her opponents. She signaled like she pulled the trigger then she patted the title that was around her waist. Liv lunged forward and took off sprinting down the long entrance ramp and slid into the ring. Liv mouthed off to her opponents before jumping up on the turnbuckle and posing for fans. Liv took her Women’s championship off her waist and held it high above her head. She looked down at the belt and kissed it for good luck. She hopped off the turnbuckle and handed the title to the ref. The referee raised the championship into the air as the three women looked across the ring at each other. He lowered the belt and took it over to Christy Hemme and handed it off. As he returned to the center of the ring, he looked at all three women before he signaled for the bell. The dings rang out and the match was official.

Mauro Ranallo: Here we go Corey, the EBWF Women’s Championship is on the line.

Corey Graves: This is going to be special. These three women used to be friends... and now they hate each other.

Alexa took a step back as Liv bolted out of her corner and attacked Zahra with some heated strikes. Zahra staggered back into the corner as Liv jumped at her. Liv climbed up the ropes as she pinned Zahra in the corner. She continued to unleash punches as she pounded away. The referee stepped in and attempted to pull the two ladies apart.

Mauro Ranallo: Strong start from Liv Morgan here. She’s really got her sights on Zahra.

Corey Graves: She better keep both eyes open. A rookie stunt only focusing on one opponent.

Mauro Ranallo: She’s the EBWF Women’s Champion, Corey. I think she knows what she’s doing.

Alexa leaned back against the ropes as she watched the two former best friends start the match. The referee pulled Liv back and spun her around. He warned her about the ropes, but Liv pushed her way past the referee and lunged at Zahra again. The EBWF Universe cheered as Liv landed a few more strikes against Zahra.

Referee: 1… 2… 3… 4…

Corey Graves: Come on ref, get that Jersey trash off my Zahra.

Mauro Ranallo: Liv is livid tonight.

Corey Graves: Drop the jokes Mauro, Zahra could get really hurt with that reckless attitude.

He pulled at Liv once again and pulled her back. He shook his finger as he warned her again about the count. Liv attempted to get around the referee again. He attempted to hold her back, but Liv was livid as she pushed past once again. She charged at Zahra again but this time, Zahra was ready. Zahra raised her foot and connected with Liv’s face. Liv dropped to the mat limp. She looked down at Liv and then brought her attention up to Alexa. She smiled as she stepped over Liv’s body. Alexa looked around and quickly entangled herself in the ropes. Zahra neared, but was stopped by the referee.

Alexa Bliss: Get her back.. Get her back!

Alexa remained in the ropes while the referee backed Zahra up. Alexa moved back through the ropes as she returned completely to the ring. Zahra pushed the referee to the side and charged at Alexa. She lifted up her knee and rammed it into the midsection of Alexa. As Alexa doubled over, Zahra grabbed her by the hair and spun her around and slammed her face into the middle turnbuckle. Alexa’s head snapped back before she crumbled to the mat.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa hit the turnbuckle hard. She could be out.

Corey Graves: That’s it, Zahra could become Women’s Champion right here.

Mauro Ranallo: Wait a minute..

Liv Morgan returned to her feet unbeknownst to Zahra. Liv jumped on Zahra’s back and wrapped her arms around her head. Zahra took a step back as she leaned to the side. Liv regained her footing as she held onto the hold. Zahra dipped down and slid around to Liv’s side. She lifted Liv into the air and dropped back. Alexa rolled out of the ring onto her feet. She stood next to the steel steps as she looked into the ring as Zahra delivered her back body drop. Liv arched up as she grabbed at her back. Zahra rolled over onto her knee and looked down at Liv. She grabbed at her head and smashed her head against Liv’s forehead. Liv head slammed back against the mat.

Mauro Ranallo: A vicious headbutt by Zahra!

Zahra stood up as the referee mentioned the hair. Zahra paid no attention as she bent down and grabbed at Liv’s hair again. She pulled Liv back up to her feet. She held onto a handful of Liv’s head with one hand as she mocked Liv with the free hand. Zahra turned her attention to the crowd as she bad mouthed the EBWF Women’s Champion. Liv however, regained herself and as Zahra turned back towards her, Liv brought her hand across Zahra’s face with a slap.

Mauro Ranallo: Ooo.. What a slap!

Corey Graves: Did you just see that?! She could have taken Zahra’s eye out!

Mauro Ranallo: Zahra looks a little off beat after that.

Zahra back off as she grabbed at her face. Liv brought her hand back and this time, she closed her hand and nailed Zahra with a strong right hook. Zahra stumbled backwards. Liv brought down another right hook, followed by another. Zahra stumbled all the way back to the ropes and leaned against them. Liv grabbed at Zahra and turned her around. She held Zahra’s face against the ropes and slid the two of them down the rope slightly. The crowd cheered while Zahra face rubbed against the top rope. Liv let go and turned around. Zahra grabbed at her face where the rope burned into her skin.

Corey Graves: Is that who you want as a champion, Mauro? Someone that would cheat like that? That is a dirty move!

Liv ran across and the ring and bounced off the ropes. She charged back at Zahra. Zahra turned as Liv jumped into the air and spun. Liv brought her foot around and connected with Zahra. Zahra fell to the mat near the ropes. Liv turned around quickly and looked for a pin, Zahra however had rolled out of the ring. She doubled over as she walked around the corner. She kept her hand on the apron to remain on her feet. Liv walked to the same side of the ring. She grabbed a hold of the top rope and jumped into the air. She used the rope as she swung and slipped her feet through the bottom and middle rope. She connected with Zahra on the outside. Zahra shot away from the ring and rolled to the ground.

Mauro Ranallo: Zahra can’t get away from Liv.

Corey Graves: Another cheap move. How can you condone these actions?

Liv popped back onto the feet and climbed up to the middle rope. From there, she yelled down at Zahra. Alexa slid into the ring and jumped to her feet. She ran at Liv and jumped. She clubbed her back with her forearm. Liv bent over the top turnbuckle. Alexa moved between Liv’s legs and turned around. She put her hands at Liv’s hips and gripped onto her. She pulled Liv away from the turnbuckle and stepped towards the center of the ring. Alexa sat out as she dropped Liv to the mat. Alexa screamed at the referee who quickly dropped down.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa might have it here!

Referee: 1… 2…

Mauro Ranallo: No!! Liv gets the shoulder up!

Liv threw her shoulder into the air. The referee held up two fingers to Alexa who shoved Liv’s legs to the side. Alexa got back to her feet and got into the referee’s face. She argued with him, but he continued to tell her it was only a two count. Liv crawled to the bottom rope and attempted to climb back to her feet. Alexa turned around and focused on Liv. She watched as Liv struggled to get to her feet. Alexa walked over to Liv and smiled as she leaned her against the top rope. Alexa kneed Liv in the midsection. While Liv was doubled over, Alexa turned around and draped her over the middle rope. Alexa climbed onto Liv’s back on her knees and pulled up on the top rope. She drove her knees into the back of Liv’s neck. The referee pulled at Alexa’s arm as she choked out Liv.

Corey Graves: Alexa’s pulling out all the stops here. She really wants that championship.

Referee: Come on.. 1… 2… 3… 4…

Alexa backed off Liv and smirked. Liv dropped to the mat and clutched at her throat. Alexa walked back over to the fallen Liv. She pushed her face with the sole of her boot. Liv rolled to her stomach. Alexa took a hold of the top rope and then she stepped up onto Liv’s back. She placed one foot on the upper part of back and begun to stomp down. Alexa continued to stomp Liv, which made Liv’s head bounce off the mat, over and over. The referee continued to try to pull Alexa off of Liv.

Mauro Ranallo: A brutal display by the “Goddess of EBWF”.

Corey Graves: Don’t look now…

Mauro Ranallo: Oh my...

Zahra out of nowhere, smashed a steel chair over Alexa’s back. Alexa flung over the top rope and fell completely to the floor below. The referee threw his arms up in the air as he reached for the steel chair. Zahra ripped it away from the referee and then held it up to him. The referee backed down as Zahra looked down at Liv. Alexa cried out in pain on the outside as she rolled against the barricade. Zahra shook her head and then brought the chair over her head. She crashed the chair down against the body of Liv. A scream rung out as Liv grabbed the rope and pulled herself away. She grabbed at her back.

Mauro Ranallo: Zahra is dismantling the Women’s Champion.

Corey Graves: She’s just taking out the trash. Which should have been done a long time ago Mauro.

Mauro Ranallo: Look, she’s enjoying this. Maybe a little too much.

Zahra smiled as she looked at the chair. She placed her hand onto the chair where it connected with Liv. The referee motioned for Zahra to drop the chair, but Zahra turned her head and looked. Liv had climbed back to her feet with the help of the turnbuckles. She rested back against the turnbuckle with her hand on her lower back. Zahra walked up to Liv with the chair in hand. She tilted the chair and rammed the top of the chair into Liv’s midsection. Liv folded into the turnbuckle. Zahra brought the chair back out and slammed it into her midsection again. Liv folded up into the corner again. Liv hung there from the top rope, her body bent in between the top and middle turnbuckle. Liv’s feet hung loosely in front of her.

Corey Graves: That’s it Zahra, teach her who was the best in the Moonlight Dollz.

Mauro Ranallo: She’s grown accustomed to using that chair.

Zahra set the chair down on the mat under Liv. Zahra then grabbed Liv’s foot and pulled her out of the corner. Liv fell out of the corner and dropped right on top of the chair. Liv reached at her back once more as she arched off the chair. A crack was heard as Zahra fell into the corner on top of Liv. Alexa stood tall with a kendo stick in her hand. Zahra turned around as Alexa lifted the kendo stick into the air once again and brought it down across Zahra’s forehead. Zahra fell back and bounced off the turnbuckle pads. She sprung forward just as Alexa swung the kendo stick across the midsection.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa takes control with the kendo stick.

Corey Graves: That’s going to leave a bruise. Zahra may need medical attention after this match. You may need to do the rest of the show on your own Mauro.

Zahra doubled over and grabbed at her stomach. Alexa brought the stick back over her head. She slammed the stick across Zahra’s back. Zahra screamed out in pain while Alexa lifted the stick up over her head again. She rained down strike after strike across Zahra’s back. The bamboo begun to splinter as Alexa continued to beat on Zahra’s back a few more times. Once finished, Alexa tossed the stick to the side and rolled Zahra over. She made the cover. The referee dropped down and made the count.

Mauro Ranallo: This could be it.

Referee: 1… 2…

Mauro Ranallo: No! Liv breaks it up.

Corey Graves: I never thought I’d be happy to see Liv Morgan in my life.

Morgan pushed herself up and lunged to break up the pin. She pushed Alexa off Zahra. The referee held up two fingers to signal the match will continue. Alexa shook her head as she stood up. She looked down at Liv who was still feeling the steel chair. Zahra rolled to the side of the ring and slid under the bottom rope. She laid there to recover as Alexa reached down and pulled Liv up to her feet. Once on her feet, Liv broke Alexa’s grip and jumped up in the air. She reached and grabbed Alexa’s head and brought it down over her knees as she fell back onto the mat. Alexa’s face bounced off Liv’s knees. Alexa fell backwards onto the mat. Liv crawled over quick and draped her arm over Alexa.

Mauro Ranallo: Liv to retain here!!

Referee: 1… 2…

Alexa rolled her shoulder over. Liv looked up at the referee in disbelief as she thought she had the victory. She grabbed at her hair as she sat in the middle of the ring. She looked over at Zahra. She watched as Zahra pulled herself up with the ropes. She managed to get to her feet before Liv came over. Liv bent down and rammed her shoulder into Zahra. As Zahra doubled over, Liv pulled her through the middle and top ropes. She turned her over and grabbed the head. She pulled Zahra away from the ropes so only her feet remained. Liv dropped down with a hangman’s neckbreaker. Before Liv could capitalize, Alexa grabbed her by the hair and tights. She pulled the tights up on Liv as she threw her out of the ring. Alexa then dropped down and stole the pin from Liv. The referee dropped back down to the mat and counted.

Corey Graves: Alexa for the steal here. Come on Zahra, kick out.

Referee: 1… 2… ..

Corey Graves: Yes, Mauro!! Zahra’s still in it.

Mauro Ranallo: This isn’t over yet.

Zahra at the last millisecond threw her shoulder up. The referee spun out of the pin so his hand never touched for the three count. He held up two fingers to the time keeper and then to Alexa. He shook his head as Alexa’s eyes widened. She couldn’t believe it. Alexa turned and grabbed Zahra’s long black hair. She picked up Zahra’s head and slammed it down against the mat. She continued a couple of more times and then went for the pin quickly again.

Mauro Ranallo: Pure aggression from Alexa here. She really wants to regain the Women’s Championship.

Referee: 1… 2…

Corey Graves: She kicked out!!

Zahra threw her whole up and rolled her shoulder. Alexa screamed out of frustration. She got back to her feet and shot an evil look at the referee. She bent down and grabbed Zahra by the hair and pulled her up to her feet. She grabbed at Zahra’s jaw and held her face as she screamed at her.

Alexa Bliss: Die for real!!

Alexa tucked Zahra’s head under her arm and quickly dropped back. She brought Zahra’s head down with her and impaled her into the mat. Alexa rolled her over and hooked the leg. The referee dropped down the count once again.

Referee: 1… 2…

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa can not keep Zahra down.

Zahra once again rolled her shoulder off the mat, seemingly only by will. Alexa grabbed at her hair as she glared at the referee. He held up only two fingers. Alexa turned to get up off the mat, but Liv ran over and rammed her knee into Alexa’s head. Liv returned to her feet and turned around. She looked over her shoulder as Alexa rolled onto her back. Liv jumped and flipped backwards as she delivered a standing moonsault on Alexa. Instead of going for the pin, Liv returned to get feet and bent down and picked Alexa up. Liv placed her arm around the chest of Alexa while she tucked her own leg in behind Alexa’s. She pushed forward and dropped Alexa with a modified STO.

Mauro Ranallo: What a combination by Liv Morgan. Does the champion have enough left to go for the pin?

Liv sat back exhausted as Alexa grabbed at the back of her head. Tired, Liv took a moment before she moved to make the pin. Before she could get to Alexa, Zahra grabbed at her leg. Alexa had begun to roll away as Liv turned her head and saw Zahra at her foot. She kicked her off and then stood up. Liv walked over as Zahra tugged at her tights. She pulled herself up using Liv onto her knees. Liv looked out at the crowd and then back down at Zahra. Liv grabbed and wrapped her arm around the back of Zahra’s head and then rolled backwards. She rolled through what looked to be a DDT and sat up on Zahra’s legs. She pulled back on Zahra’s head in a guillotine choke.

Mauro Ranallo: The Guillotine!! Liv’s got it locked in.

Corey Graves: No, ref get in there. Check if this move is even legal.

Zahra flailed her arms around while Liv tried to choke her out. Liv screamed as she pulled back tighter on Zahra, her back nearly touching the mat. Liv’s eyes grew wide as she saw out of the sky, Alexa Bliss falling from the top rope with a Spiteful Splash. Alexa crashed onto Liv to break the hold, moments before Zahra could tap out.

Mauro Ranallo: Oh my god!! Alexa came out of nowhere with that Spiteful Splash. What a break!

Zahra’s neck snapped forward and then back against the mat. Liv grabbed at her stomach as she cried out in pain. Alexa held onto her midsection momentarily while she regained her composer. Alexa grabbed onto Liv and hooked her leg. The referee dropped down for the count.

Referee: 1… 2…

Mauro Ranallo: The champ stays alive. Alexa Bliss has to be getting frustrated.

Liv lifted her shoulder off the mat to cause the break. Alexa frustrated once again. She wasted no time as she moved over and covered Zahra. While down, the referee begun the second count.

Referee: 1… 2…

Corey Graves: Whoo.. Zahra kicked out again. She can’t be beat Mauro.

Zahra threw her shoulder up once again. Alexa screamed out again and quickly got to her feet. She was joined by the referee who instantly told her that it was only two. She got into the referee’s face and screamed at him.

Alexa Bliss: Three!! Three!! Can you ever count to three?! One. Two. Three!!!

Alexa clapped her hands in the face of the referee. Alexa then turned to both of the fallen women and shook her head. She then turned back around towards the ropes and walked over. She exited the ring and looked to the announcer’s table. She walked over and instantly began to tear the table apart. Once the table was clear, Alexa looked back into the ring. Zahra has rolled to the opposite end of the ring while Liv sat herself up in the turnbuckle closest to her. Alexa walked over to Liv and punched her through the ropes. Alexa pulled her out under the bottom rope to the outside. By the hair, Alexa lead Liv over to the cleared table. She lifted Liv’s head to hers and screamed at her. Alexa then took Liv’s head and bounced it off the announcer’s table.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa is just smashing the champion’s head right here in front of us. The referee needs to get control of this because it gets out of hand.

Alexa lifted her onto the table and laid Liv out. She punched her a few times to make sure she’d stay down. Alexa then turned her attention back to the ring. As Alexa turned, Zahra launched herself through the ropes. She landed on Alexa with a suicide dive. The crowd let out a loud cheer as the excitement for the match had grown. With all three women down, the referee walked around outside the ring and checked on each woman.

Corey Graves: Someone needs to get out here. Zahra just risked life and limb with that dive.

Mauro Ranallo: That shows you what this championship means to these women.

He shook his head at the time keeper, saying that they all wanted to continue. Liv rolled over and looked off the edge of the table. Zahra used the steel steps to return to her feet first. Alexa pulled on the apron as she struggled to her feet. Liv rolled off the table onto her feet. She used the table and walked herself out of the way to the time keeper area. Alexa turned around as Zahra moved in on her. Alexa counted with a side kick that landed in Zahra’s upper thigh. Zahra dropped to one knee and Alexa threw a punch that connected. Alexa then grabbed Zahra by the hair and pulled at her tights. She spun Zahra around and yanked her tights up into her crack as she forcefully threw her into the steel steps.

Mauro Ranallo: Zahra hard into the steel!!

Corey Graves: What has Alexa done!!

Zahra crashed into the steps shoulder first. Alexa dropped to one knee as her tiredness began to set in. Liv stumbled in the background over to the edge of the ring. Behind the back of Alexa, Liv ran up. She jumped up and grabbed onto Alexa’s head. She dropped down and brought Alexa’s head with her as she drove it into the floor with a bulldog. Liv returned to her feet quickly with a kip-up. The EBWF Universe screamed out with Liv as she spun around. Liv felt the energy as she looked around the arena. She stared at the WrestleMania sign for a few moments and then looked back at the announcer’s table. A smirk grew on Liv’s face as she brushed her loose hair back out of her face.

Mauro Ranallo: Liv Morgan looks to be in complete control right here. She’s got the EBWF Universe totally on her side.

Corey Graves: How could this be happening Mauro?

Mauro Ranallo: She’s proving that she’ll stop at nothing to retain the championship. This is WrestleMania, it doesn’t get any bigger.

Corey Graves: Wait a minute Mauro, what is she doing?

Mauro Ranallo: She’s looking for something.

Liv turned to the ring and knelt down beside the apron. She lifted the apron and looked under the ring. Liv reached in under the ring and grabbed ahold of something. She pulled out on the steel object. Liv returned to her feet and walked backwards towards the table. With her, she pulled out a ladder. A very tall ladder. Liv lifted the ladder forward and opened the legs. She set it up and looked back at the table. Liv moved the ladder and lined it up next to the table. She looked up at the top of the ladder. The smile turned serious as Liv turned her attention to Zahra.

Corey Graves: No Mauro, she can’t do this. Someone needs to stop this crazy woman.

Mauro Ranallo: She looks like she has big plans for Zahra.

She moved over and bent down pick up Zahra. However, Zahra pulled down on Liv and smashed her face into the side of the steel steps. Zahra smirked as she scooted away from Liv. She gave her lifeless body a nudge as she backed away. Zahra reached up and grabbed onto the apron. She pulled herself to her feet but Alexa was waiting. Alexa grabbed her hair and bounced her face off the ring apron. She then took Zahra by the hair and lead her around the ladder to the announcer table. She bounced her head off the table a couple of times and then lifted Zahra onto the table. Alexa climbed onto the table herself and bent down and grabbed Zahra by the hair. She lifted her up and then turned her head to the ladder. Alexa looked down at Zahra and released her grip and dropped Zahra’s body to the table.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa looked like she was about to put Zahra through the table, but now it looks like she’s got something else in mind.

Corey Graves: Stop her Mauro!

Alexa turned to the ladder and grabbed ahold of it. She climbed the ladder. Rung by rung, Alexa climbed the ladder to the top. Once at the top, Alexa looked down at Zahra. The crowd rose to their feet as Alexa stood up on top for the ladder. Alexa took a deep breath before she fell forward and flipped in the air. From the top of the ladder, Alexa fell while delivering the Sparkle Splash. Liv reached from under the ladder and pulled Zahra’s body off the table at the last moment. Alexa crashed through the announcer’s table, alone, splintering it to pieces. Liv looked in awe from under the ladder with Zahra’s body over her legs.



Corey Graves: We need medical attention out here now.

Mauro Ranallo: Liv Morgan pulled Zahra out of the way and Alexa crashed through the table from the top of a twelve foot ladder! What won’t these women do?!

The referee jumped into the debris from the table and checked on Alexa. Zahra turned her head and looked back at Alexa’s body amongst the wood and then looked back at Liv. She looked confused as Liv looked back. Liv instantly pushed her away and crawled out from under the ladder. Liv returned to her feet as Zahra slowly crawled out from under the ladder. She got to on knee before Liv met her and lifted her to her feet. Liv took Zahra by the head and slammed it into the ring apron. Liv pushed Zahra into the ring and then turned around to the ladder. She closed up the ladder and lifted it up. She turned around with the ladder and pushed it into the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Hasn’t the ladder done enough damage tonight? We had the Triple Threat Ladder Match for the EBWF Tag-Team Championships. And now Liv has brought this ladder into the mix.

Zahra crawled over to the ropes and pulled herself up while Liv climbed into the ring. Liv walked over to ladder and picked it up once again. She held it in front of her and turned. Zahra ran at Liv and grabbed the ladder and pushed back. She rammed Liv into the turnbuckle. Liv buckled from the force of the ladder. Zahra took the ladder in her own hands and stepped back. She turned sideways and lined the top of the ladder with Liv’s midsection. She rammed the top of the ladder into Liv and stuffed her into the turnbuckle. Zahra pulled the ladder out and Liv hung in the corner. Zahra took the ladder and leaned it in the corner with only Liv between it and the turnbuckles.

Corey Graves: Zahra’s turned the tables once again. That’s my girl.

Mauro Ranallo: She looks like she has Liv right where she wants her.

Zahra walked over to the opposing corner and turned towards Liv and the ladder. She smirked as she ran at them. Liv pushed the ladder forward and pulled herself out of the corner. The ladder smashed into the running Zahra. The ladder connected with Zahra’s face and the force send the ladder back into the corner. Liv hurried to her feet and stumbled over to Zahra who spun around from the ladder strike. Liv grabbed her head and circled around. Liv pointed at the ladder and took a running start. She pulled Zahra with her as she used the leaning ladder and ran up the rungs. She flipped over top Zahra and dropped her backwards with #201. Liv scrambled over Zahra’s face and body and grabbed her legs. Liv leaned back, her ass in Zahra’s face as she went for the pin. The referee noticed from ringside and slid back into the ring. He counted.

Mauro Ranallo: That’s it!! Liv just hit the Hashtag 201!! She’s done!!

Corey Graves: NO! NO! This can’t be!!!

Referee: 1… 2… …

Mauro Ranallo: NO!! Zahra kicked out!!!

Corey Graves: OH GOD!!

Mauro Ranallo: This isn’t over!!!

Zahra miraculously pushes up on Liv and forces herself out of the pin. Liv reached out and grabbed at the referee’s shirt and begged with him. He signaled only two. Liv looked back at Zahra and shook her head. Tears of anguish grew on Liv’s eyes as she looked befuddled. Liv looked at Zahra with doubt. She sat on her knees as she looked out at the crowd. She stood up and took another look at the leaning ladder. Liv walked over and picked up Zahra. She gripped her head once again and pointed to the ladder one more time. Liv ran up the ladder to deliver the #201 once more, but this time, Liv’s left foot slipped on the rung of the ladder. Her leg slid into the rung and got caught up. She released Zahra’s head and grabbed at her leg.

Mauro Ranallo: Liv slipped!! This could cost her!

Zahra stumbled backwards but regained her foot and looked at Liv as she hung upside down with her leg trapped in the ladder. Zahra charged at Liv and slammed her hip into the side of Liv’s head. Liv’s head cracked off the ladder. Zahra released Liv’s leg from the ladder and held onto the foot. Zahra pulled Liv to the center of the ring. She pulled onto the ladder with her free hand and knocked it down to the mat next to the rope. Zahra lifted up Liv’s leg and wrapped it up around hers and flipped her over. She locked in the Unlucky 13 and fell back.

Corey Graves: The Unlucky 13!! I taught her that!!

Mauro Ranallo: This could be it Corey!!

Zahra leaned back against the mat and pulled Liv’s leg. Zahra held onto the move tight while Liv flailed about reaching out for the ropes. Liv pushed herself up and pulled and clawed her way towards the ropes.

Mauro Ranallo: Liv won’t give up!!

Liv closed her eyes and reached out. Her hand hit something solid and she instantly grabbed ahold. She screamed out in pain as Zahra continued the hold. Liv opened her eyes and saw her hand as he held onto the leg of the ladder. She squinted as Zahra let out a scream and pulled back harder. Liv finally let go of the ladder and her hand began to tap against the steel. The referee jumped to his feet and called for the bell.

Mauro Ranallo: That’s it!!!

Corey Graves: SHE DID IT!!! ZAHRA WINS!!!

Mauro Ranallo: We have a NEW EBWF Women’s Champion!

Corey Graves: I knew she could do it.

Zahra held onto the leg of Liv until the referee came back over and told her to release. She screamed out again before finally letting go of Liv. Zahra rolled on to her knees and smiled as the referee handed her the EBWF Women’s Championship belt.

Christy Hemme: The winner of this match, and NEW EBWF Women’s Champion. Zahra Schreiber!!!

Zahra stood up and clutched the EBWF Women’s Championship to her chest. “Lost in the Static” played as she paced the ring with the championship. She held it up to the EBWF Universe who booed at the result. Liv held on to her leg while her head rested on the steel ladder. Zahra turned around to taunt the other side of the EBWF Universe and noticed this. She looked down at Liv and smirked. Zahra dropped the championship and rushed over to Liv.

Mauro Ranallo: She’s not done!! What is she doing!!

She grabbed Liv’s hair and slammed her head down onto the steel ladder three times. Zahra then lifted up on leg of the ladder and placed Liv’s head onto the other leg. Zahra flipped her over and slammed the leg of the ladder in her hand down onto Liv. Zahra backed away and waited. Liv moved under the steel and attempted to lift the leg of the ladder off her head. She lifted her head slightly before Zahra jumped up into the air, aided by the top rope for extra altitude. Zahra dropped her foot down on the leg of the ladder and dropped Liv’s face down into the other leg, sandwiching her head in between the ladder. The ladder bent as it wrapped around Liv’s head.


Corey Graves: Oh my...

Zahra laughed as she kept her foot on the ladder. The referee dropped to check on Liv, but Zahra wasn’t done. She pulled Liv out of the ladder and flipped the motionless body over. Liv’s face crimson with her on blood. Her hair stained. Zahra knelt down over her former friend and lifted up her bloody head with one hand.

Mauro Ranallo: What is she doing?

Zahra smiled as she placed her free hand on Liv’s face and wiped it around in her blood. Zahra then dropped her head to the mat and stood up. Zahra lifted the bloody hand into the air and closed her eyes. She leaned her head back as she rubbed her hand over her face and chest as she smeared herself in Liv’s blood. Zahra opened her eyes and bent down and picked the EBWF Women’s Championship with her bloody hand.

Mauro Ranallo: I don’t know what we just witness… Corey, can you explain this?

Corey Graves: I’m as shocked as you are Mauro, but Zahra has definitely made a statement here tonight. Alexa Bliss and Liv Morgan are both completely taken out.

Mauro Ranallo: A dominating statement indeed.

She moved the belt around in her hand, which left the title belt covered in bloody hand prints. She lifted the bloodied championship into the air once again. She stood there covered in her ex-best friend’s blood. She looked down while the referee knelt down and checked on the lifeless body of Liv.


Christy Hemme: This match is scheduled for one fall, and it is the EBWF World Championship Match! Introducing first, from Cleveland, Ohio...


The Miz's video package looked all the more impressive against yards and yards of Wrestlemania set. The EBWF Veteran made his way down to the ring with cheers from the crowd.

Corey Graves: The Miz had a lot to say this week especially where it concerned Kenny Omega!

Mauro Ranallo: Well, both of these men probably had a lot of things building up considering that neither of them appeared on Warfare last week.

Omega's theme hit, and he came out to the ring holding the EBWF World Championship. Miz looked ready as the referee checked his boots. Then he took the title belt and held it over his head. The crowd had another strong reaction to the symbolism. The competitors were announced, and the referee gave the title to the time keeper before ringing the bell.

Mauro Ranallo: Here we go!

The two men immediately tied up and Omega took Miz to the ropes. Omega gave him a hefty chop, and Miz tried to battle out of the corner. Omega plowed through Miz with a big boot, and neither man seemed to be able to get the upper hand.

Corey Graves: Omega showing why he's the gold standard here in EBWF.

Miz was able to swat away a springboard attempt, and follow up with a dropkick right out of the ring. Miz dove onto Kenny, running them both into the barricade. Miz got to his feet and hit a snap suplex.

Mauro Ranallo: Ouch! Kenny will be feeling that tomorrow!

Corey Graves: What is Miz doing?

Miz pulled up part of the padding on the floor, before slamming Omega into the exposed concrete. Then, realizing the referee was counting his ten count, Miz helped Omega up, and threw him back into the ring under the bottom rope. Miz followed Omega in, but got hit with front facelock suplex. Miz rolled into a counter, getting Omega into a front facelock of his own. Omega fought to the bottom rope, causing a break. Omega charged Miz into the corner, and followed up with some. He followed up with some axehandle blows, before hitting the rolling hills, springboard moonsault combo.

Mauro Ranallo: Omega has pinned the Miz!




Miz got to his feet and nailed a saito suplex, but he ran into a hurricanrana from Omega that took him to the outside. Omega stood in the center of the ring, and flexed his pecs, taunting the crowd before hitting the terminator tope con giro! The crowd cheered and then began a "This is awesome" chant!

Corey Graves: The EBWF Universe giving their approval here!

Back inside, Omega nailed the Kotaro Krusher. He pinned Miz once more.



Miz kicked out! Omega was getting frustrated and hit the cross-legged Fisherman's buster, and then tried to to follow up with the V-trigger but Miz blocked it. Miz surprised Omega with the downward spiral and then locked on a german suplex! Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale and pinned Omega.

Corey Graves: Is Miz about to become World Champion?!



Kickout! Once Kenny was back on his feet, Miz got him against the ropes. This gave Omega the opportunity to hit the V-trigger! Miz fell to the mat and rolled to the apron. He used the second rope to pull himself up, but Kenny grabbed him by the head and got him upright. He hit another V-trigger, this time sending Miz to the floor. Omega powerbombed Miz on the barricade, and the whole front row was telling him off because of it. Omega told the fans that Miz wasn't "on his level", which earned him so more boos.

Mauro Ranallo: Miz is going to have to make it back into the ring!

Omega was happy to win via count out if it meant he could keep his title. Miz crawled himself back into the ring, but he took some snap dragon suplexes for his troubles. Kenny hit a spinning heel kick to the back of Miz's head, and then another V-trigger as Miz was kneeling in the corner. Miz was dead weight, making the One Winged Angel difficult, so Omega added to the punishment with yet another V-trigger.

Mauro Ranallo: He's just adding insult to injury!

Corey Graves: That's what champions do, Mauro!

Omega hit the praying mantis bomb. The crowd was on its feet as he went to another pin.




Mauro Ranallo: It looked like Miz barely got the shoulder up!

Miz struggled to his feet and found enough energy to land a series of snap suplexes. He dumped Kenny on his head with a sleeper suplex, and hit the Reality Check.

Corey Graves: There's something about the classics!

Miz pinned Omega.



Mauro Ranallo: A kickout from the champion!

Miz called for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Kenny punched free and landed another V-trigger. Out of nowhere, Miz got a swinging inverted DDT. He quickly hooked the leg. The crowd counted.



Corey Graves: Miz just can't put him away!

The two men went back and forth trading punches. Yet another V-trigger knocked Miz down, but he was able to slip out of the One Winged Angel, and he turned to hit the Skull Crushing Finale.

Mauro Ranallo: Miz hooks the leg!




Corey Graves: Miz has done it!

Mauro Ranallo: Miz is living the Wrestlemania dream! The Miz is the new EBWF World Champion!

The referee presented the Miz with the EBWF Championship, and had his hands raised in victory. Miz celebrated with the EBWF fans as a promo package for the main event began to play on the tron.


The lights went off inside the Superdome, and the crowd began to turn on their smartphone flashlights. The ring lit up and Christy Hemme stood in the center with a microphone.

Christy Hemme: Ladies and Gentlemen, from their new album ‘Attention Attention!’ available worldwide on May 4th, performing the theme song to Wrestlemania Seventeen…

The crowd guessed what was coming next and cheered, drowning Christy out.

Christy Hemme: Please welcome… SHINEDOWN!

The multi platinum band took over the Wrestlemania stage, performing their latest single “Devil”. The crowd was into it and the band put on quite a performance. As the song was playing, the production crew at ringside were bringing out myriad of weapons, some quite inventive. Once the song was over, the anticipation was palpable, and though what came next was predictable - the crowd still continued to their raucousness when the live band began the familiar riff from ‘Sound of Madness.’

Yeah, I get it
You’re an outcast
Always under attack
Always coming in last
No one owes you anything
I think
You need a shotgun blast
A kick in the ass
You’re so paranoid
Watch your back…

The stage lit up in a flood of green lights as Wes’ entrance video began to play. The crowd joined in with the band, shouting the lyrics that usually brought the chairman’s arrival.


Wes came out onto the stage and soaked it, pointing at Brent Smith as he continued to perform his theme song. The long ramp gave Wes plenty of time to enjoy the crowd, but soon he was climbing the steps and entering the ring.

Christy Hemme: From Detroit, Michigan…

Wes nodded.

Christy Hemme: ….weighing in at 245 pounds. He is…

Wes had climbed the turnbuckle.

Christy Hemme: …the Rebel without a Cause! Wes. Ikeda!

The song was played all the way through, and then “I Hope You Suffer” hit the PA. The lights went out in the Superdome again a faint light washed over the ramp as the set lit up.


The crowd gave a mixed reaction to the recently relapsed Havoc who stepped out onto the Wrestlemania stage with his studded mask on. He glared at the mainstream band on his stage, and continued down the ramp.

Christy Hemme: From Margate, Kent, England - weighing in at 175 pounds… he is the General Manager of Warfare, Jimmy. Haavvvooooc!

Jimmy stopped just outside the ring, looking up at Wes. Then he began to climb the steps.

Christy Hemme: The following match is a Deathmatch and falls count anywhere! All rules of competition are suspended until the final bell.

That sobered the crowd a little and Havoc climbed in over the middle rope.

Corey Graves: This is going to be brutal, Mauro.

Mauro Ranallo: I know Jimmy Havoc is the king of the death match, but Wes Ikeda is six inches taller, and 75 pounds heavier. Havoc’s got guts. I’ll give him that.

Once Christy had cleared out of the ring the referee seemed to reluctantly ring the bell. One side of the ring had barbedwire ropes, and there were weapons strewn about the ring and all over the outside. Before Wes could take a breath, Jimmy charged him, took him down with a leg sweep and absolutely pounced. Havoc rained down lefts and rights, causing Wes to go on the defensive trying to protect his head. Wes finally overpowered Havoc, and threw him into the corner. Havoc held onto the top rope and remained in the corner. Wes bailed out of the ring and grabbed a folding chair, which brought a cheer from the crowd. Havoc got a running start and dove at Ikeda through the ropes, but his flight was short lived as Wes cracked him over the back of the head with the chair. Havoc got caught up in the ropes, and Wes grabbed him, dragging him out to the floor. Havoc pulled himself up at the barricade, and when Wes advanced, Havoc came alive and threw him into the ring steps. The steel stairs scattered, and Wes was left in the wreckage.

Corey Graves: Wes can’t let Havoc get in his head.

Havoc reached over the barricade and took a beer out of fan’s hand. Wes was on his back, and the crowd in the front row booed, but Jimmy didn’t care, pouring the beer over Wes’ torso.

Mauro Ranallo: What is Havoc doing?

Havoc had jumped the barricade, and gone out into the crowd. He stopped at the end of the third row and picked up a random woman’s leather purse. She shouted at him as he took the leather strap off off of the hooks and then turned back toward the ring. He climbed over the barricade again and began beating Wes with the leather strap. He got in half a dozen good thwacks before Wes powered to his feet. and kicked Havoc in the gut. Havoc dropped the strap, and Wes power bombed him onto the barricade. Then red welts were already popping up near Wes’ collarbone and he grabbed Havoc up without warning and hit the It’s Time to Go. Wes left Jimmy lay and went around the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: What is he doing? Ikeda should pin him!

Corey Graves: Wes isn’t the brightest bulb in the…

Almost as if Corey had had a prophecy, Wes got under the ring and pulled out a long fluorescent light tube. The crowd cheered, but Wes went under the ring again. Once he had four light tubes, Wes began to put them inside the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: This isn’t good, Corey.

Corey Graves: What is this lunatic doing?!

All four tubes in the ring, Wes got in too, and then to everyone’s surprise he took his booted foot and began crushing the lightbulbs in one corner of the ring. Havoc was coming around at ringside, and he spied a bat wrapped with barbed wire to his left. Havoc stayed low to the ground, reaching for the bat. Wes had finished breaking up the bulbs and rolled out of the ring under the bottom rope with the intention of collecting Havoc. Instead, when he got to his feet, Havoc swung the barbed wire bat into Wes midsection. Ikeda doubled over, but the weapon had embedded into his shirt. Havoc chopped Wes in the chest, and the bat shook loose. They traded strikes, and then Wes grabbed Havoc by the back of the head, whipping him back toward the ring. Wes followed after him, but when he got to his feet Havoc hit the Acid Rainmaker right into the crushed up light tubes. He pinned Ikeda.




Havoc was incensed and he stood up, kicking Wes repeatedly in the midsection. Wes rolled over on the glass.

Corey Graves: No! No! No! Bad idea…

Indeed it was a bad idea, because Havoc lunged at Wes and grated his forehead against the shards of glass. Havoc then reached down to flip Wes over. His forehead and upper arms had visible glass stuck to his skin.

Mauro Ranallo: Wes is busted just… just wide open. Someone should stop this.

Blood was rushing down Wes’ forehead but he was spitting blood out of his mouth as he dragged himself to the bottom rope. Havoc stalked him, and Wes brought himself to his knees. He reached to his right, searching for any of the random weapons that might be in the ring. He came up with a kendo stick, and before Havoc could react Wes brought the kendo stick across Havoc’s thighs. Havoc doubled over and Wes staggered to his feet before bringing the kendo stick down across Havoc’s back.

Mauro Ranallo: Can Wes even see?

Corey Graves: That crimson mask has to be making it hard.

Wes punished Havoc with the kendo stick until Havoc was face down on the canvas. Wes dipped out of the ring again and went to the outside. He picked up a steel chair and threw it in the ring. Then he picked up a big trash can and threw it into the ring as well. Getting back into the ring, Wes helped Havoc up by his hair and began to lay stiff punches into his midsection. Havoc pushed Wes off, and hit a DDT. Then he picked up the chair Wes had thrown into the ring, and begin to hit him in the torso with it. When he’d finished, he left the chair lay across Wes’ torso and then went over to the corner. A cameraman was standing behind the turnbuckle and Havoc reached up and grabbed his camera. For a moment the cameraman moved to pull away, but Havoc took the bulky camera from him and then disconnected it from all of it’s cords and plugs. Wes was stirring, and got back to his feet holding the chair Havoc had cleverly laid atop him. Havoc chucked the camera as Wes lifted the chair. The two makeshift weapons connected, and the chair came back and slammed into Wes’ face. Havoc went for another pin.




Havoc couldn’t believe it, but he couldn’t help but chuckle. Havoc helped Wes to his feet and the two men exchanged a series of kicks and forearms. It was time for the barbed wire ropes to enter into play and Havoc tried to whip Wes into them, but Wes reversed the Irish whip and sent Jimmy into the barbed wire. Jimmy made a pained sound, and Wes followed through, clotheslining Havoc out of the ring and into more fluorescent light tubes that were stacked on the ground. Wes followed Havoc to the outside and continued to stay on Havoc. Havoc’s arms were bleeding but he was able to slam Wes into the turnbuckle and then reversed and slammed into the guardrail. The people in the front row hurled abuse at Havoc, but he ignored them, bending down to pick up a light tube, and shatter it across Wes’s back. That seemed to just make Wes mad and he elbowed Havoc before giving him a DDT right onto the floor. Wes staggered to his feet once more, and moved around the ringside area.

Mauro Ranallo: What is that? WHAT IS THAT?

Corey Graves: That looks like a sliding glass door.

Mauro Ranallo: What is it doing here instead of being in somebody’s house?!

Wes looked the glass pane over, and then grabbed a steel chair. He set the chair up, and then grabbed a second chair. He opened that chair up and left a wide berth between them. Then he picked up the stray glass door and put it on the chairs.

Mauro Ranallo: This is barbaric.

Corey Graves: You’re just now figuring that out?

Wes went back toward Havoc, but he’d gotten to his feet and met him at the corner, clotheslining Wes to the floor. Havoc leaned against the ring for a moment for a breather. Wes started to stir, and Havoc, seeing he had no time to waste waited for Wes to get to his knees. He grabbed him by the arm, which got Wes on his feet and they battled over to the death trap Wes had set up. Havoc tried for a german suplex, but Wes countered and hit It’s Time to Go!

Corey Graves: Unbelievable!

Mauro Ranallo: Wes Ikeda just put himself and Jimmy Havoc through that glass door!

The crowd offered up a “holy shit” chant. The referee’s gloved hands offered Wes a towel to wipe his bloodied face, but Wes brushed him off, and quickly pinned Havoc.




Mauro Ranallo: I thought Ikeda had ended it there.

It was obvious that both men were having a hard time finding the will to continue. Both were breathing heavily and Wes moved to his side first and reached for the ring apron to pull himself up. Wes rubbed the fabric against his face in an attempt to get the blood out of his eyes. The referee offered a towel again. Wes said mumbled something to him, and Wes got to his knees. He reached up and grabbed the bottom rope and pulled himself up. Havoc had dragged himself to the barricade and used it to stand up. The two men stared each other down for the moment. Jimmy had blood all over his arms, and some on his face, but it was becoming less clear what was his and what was Wes’. Wes seemed to heave a sigh, and he got back up on the ring apron, and entered the ring again.

Mauro Ranallo: The Chairman is noticeably limping.

Corey Graves: Havoc’s in bad shape too.

Wes picked up a Kendo Stick in the ring and began to smack it against the side of the ring that had the barbed wire ropes. Havoc growled something toward Wes and got back into the ring. They charged at each other, Wes swinging the Kendo Stick, but Havoc ducked. Wes lost the Kendo Stick, as it left his hand and flew across the ring. Havoc looked for a rebound and tried to connect the Acid Rainmaker, but Wes countered and hit It’s Time to Go in the chaos of the ring.

Corey Graves: There are splintered kendo sticks, broken glass, chairs and blood everywhere we look in this ring. Havoc landed hard!

Wes didn’t look like he had much left, but he grabbed Havoc by the arm and began to drag him.

Mauro Ranallo: He can’t be serious. Is he really going to try this?

Wes managed to get Havoc into the corner. He kicked Jimmy’s foot and watched as it went limp. He tried to move quickly, despite the fact that it was obvious he’d been through hell. He went to the outside and grabbed the barbed wire bat Havoc had tormented him with earlier, and then he got back into the ring. He picked up a steel chair, and went over to Havoc. He kicked his foot again seeing if that would cause him to stir, but the third it’s time to go seemed to have done a number on the GM. Wes put the handle of the barbed wire bat between Jimmy’s thighs, and rested the barbwire against his torso and the lower part of his face. He then secured it by putting the chair between the bottom and middle ropes, effectively pinning Jimmy and the bat in. Wes turned and looked at the opposite corner. The referee was back with a towel and the camera picked up there conversation.

Referee: Sir, you’ve lost a lot of blood, are you sure you can…

Wes Ikeda: Get the fuck out of my face and count…

Wes stalked to the opposite turnbuckle and the crowd was on their feet. Wes climbed to the top.

Mauro Ranallo: The exhaustion just clearly all over the Chairman’s face.

Corey Graves: Get down Wes, no one would think le- OH MY GOD!


Despite a long weekend the crowd reacted as if that had been the first big spot of the night. Wes’ feet had connected with the chair, and sent the barbed wire bat into Jimmy’s chest. Havoc’s mouth was bleeding when Wes pulled the chair away. Out of habit, Wes dragged Jimmy away from the ropes and simply collapsed on top of him. Havoc’s shoulders were down.




The bell rang.

Christy Hemme: Your winner Wes Ikeda!

Neither man was moving. Wes remained with his body draped over Havoc’s in the pin position and the referee began waving frantically toward the stage area. One medic came from the time keeper’s area. Four more came down the ramp with stretchers.

Corey Graves: That was some main event to Wrestlemania.

Mauro Ranallo: But at what cost, Corey? At what cost? It’ll be a miracle if either of these men can show up at Warfare.

Then without any extra pyro, and the capacity crowd voicing concerns, the medics began to load Havoc and Ikeda up on stretchers as the EBWF logo flashed across the screen and Wrestlemania went off the air.
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