Summerslam Results 08/26/2018

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Summerslam Results 08/26/2018

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After some video packages, we cut over to the preshow panelist desk hosted by Renee Young.

Renee Young: We're only a few short moments away from the biggest party of the summer, and who better to usher us in than the Party Peacock? Coming up to my desk at this time, Gateway Champion Dalton Castle.

The Boys carefully remove the office chair from behind the desk and form their own human seat for Dalton Castle to sit upon. He brushes the hair away from his eyes.

Dalton Castle: Naynay, always a pleasure.

Renee Young: So Dalton, first thing's first, your absence on the Summerslam card may have surprised some people, so why don't you tell us where you've been?

Dalton Castle: Believe me, missing any show sucks the SWEATIEST, HAIREST DONKIEST DONKEY BALLS imaginable, especially a show as big as Summerslam. But as you know, and as most viewers in the EBWF Universe are aware of by now, I've been defending this Gateway Championship nearly every night, all over the country and even recently on a short European tour. And at a recent live show, some big Swede dumped me straight down onto my noggin and gave me a pretty bad stinger. My shoulder was numb for a few days, and the EBWF medical team decided it was in my best interest to sit out a few weeks to avoid any further injury. 

Renee Young: A scary situation, I'm sure, but I heard that you have been cleared to return to action next week, correct?

Dalton Castle: That's right, baby, you can't stop a good party, and Dalty Double Slammy will be at Warfare, ready to Bangarang some fools! And I'll be paying extra close attention to the world title match, Naynay. Because my goal is to hold onto this Gateway Championship all the way through the fall to prove I'm worthy of the world title shot it guarantees. I'm not taking the easy way out. I'm going to make sure I earn it, starting next week.

Renee Young: So are you most looking forward to the world title match this evening?

Dalton Castle: Of course not, silly, I'm most looking forward to seeing my bestest friend in the entire world, Braun Strowman, wipe the floor with Tommy Chomper. And when he walks out of that ring, you can bet I'm gonna be the first guy waiting in the back to finally give him that high five I owe him.

Renee Young: You own him a high five?

Dalton Castle: Yeah, but you know, he's been really busy so I haven't been able to get it to him. But look at this hand, Renee, it is moisturized and freshly manicured, so friendly and inviting. How is he gonna be able to resist getting this hand?

Renee Young: Well, best of luck on that, I guess. Dalton Castle, ladies and gentlemen, he's ready for Summerslam and so are we! Here comes the biggest party of the summer, less than a minute away.


Corey Graves: Welcome back everyone to EBWF SummerSlam!

Mauro Ranallo: A historical show in the making Corey, the first ever Queen of the Mountain match for Zahra Schreiber’s Women’s Championship! A match that came from the mind of newly appointed Women’s GM Angelina Love!

Corey Graves: You’re right Mauro and a match that could only have happened with Wes Ikeda’s input we have the EBWF Champion The Miz going one on one with “The King of the Goths”, Jimmy Havoc!

Mauro Ranallo: However up next we have a match that is heated! These two competitors met 2 weeks ago as Hardcore Holly disqualified himself against The Big Show with an attack with a Steel Chair!

Corey Graves: and that’s legal tonight as this one is a Street Fight!

Hardcore Holly was in the ring as Big Show made his way to the ring. The referee sounded the bell as Hardcore Holly ran straight at Show with rights and lefts to the big man’s stomach and chest, Big Show pushed Holly back across the ring to defend himself.

Corey Graves: The strength of The Big Show to just one handed shove Holly across the ring!

Holly looked bemused as Big Show shouted“Come on!” at Holly. Holly slid under the bottom rope and grabbed a steel chair and made his way back into the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: That’s Holly’s weapon of choice! It’s all legal in this one!

Holly ran at Big Show with the chair above his head but Show caught it and ripped it out of Hardcore’s grasp. Big Show smiled as Hardcore took a step back, Big Show then shook his head as he dropped it out of the ring.

Corey Graves: Big Show doesn’t need weapons Mauro!

As Big Shows back was turned Holly did his signature drop kick to Show’s back and the big man stumbled into the corner. Holly ran to the opposite corner and hit another huge dropkick, Big Show stumbled forward and Holly dropped the Big Show his Knees with a Chop Block to the back of the knees. He rained punches down on Big Show until Show dropped to the canvas.

Corey Graves: Hardcore Holly with a sound game plan here! He got the Giant down!

Holly exited the ring again and grabbed the discarded chair, he smiled menacingly at the crowd and got back in the ring. He stomped on Shows back to get him to lay flat and then hit the back of Shows knees with the chair repeatedly.

Mauro Ranallo: My god! Hardcore Holly with a BRUTAL Assault on Big Show!

Corey Graves: Holly is here to beat people up and injure them! He doesn’t care about anything else!

Holly then sandwiched Shows knee in between the chair and then climbed to the second rope, he went to dive on the chair but Big Show rolled out of the way at the last second. Holly got back to his feet as Big Show was trying to get his knee back in action, he ran at Big Show who answered with a clothesline. He then ran the ropes and dropped a Big Leg over Holly’s chest. He covered Hardcore Holly for a 2 Count.

Big Show then picked up Holly and dragged him to the corner, he shushed the crowd and then slapped Hardcore Holly’s chest and the noise echoed throughout the Arena.

Corey Graves: Oh My god!

Corey laughed.

Corey Graves: Did you hear that Mauro?!

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia! I think Bob Holly’s regretting targeting The Big Show!

Holly stumbled out of the corner as Big Show grabbed him and hit The Final Cut. Show covered Holly for a 2 Count. Big Show then signalled for the end, he had his fist ready for the KO, Holly stood up but ducked it and ran the ropes he then dropped Big Show to his knees again with a low dropkick. He climbed the top rope as Big Show got back to his feet, he hit a crossbody and went for the cover. Big Show immediately kicked out and threw Holly across the ring, he stood up as Holly grabbed a chair.

Holly raised his chair above his head, as he lowered it Big Show hit the KO through the chair and hit Hardcore Holly!

Corey Graves: Knockout Punch! It’s over Mauro!

Mauro Ranallo: Holly’s down! But wait!

Holly stumbled backwards and fell through the second rope to the outside.

Mauro Ranallo: This is not Falls Count Anywhere! Big Show needs to get Holly back in the ring and quick!

Big Show looked disappointed, he left the ring and found Holly draped under the ring covers. He dragged his feet out and picked him up. He threw him in the ring and got in. He signalled for the chokeslam and grabbed Hardcore Holly by the throat. Holly low blowed Big Show with a kick and them punched him in the mouth, Big Show stumbled.

Holly showed off his Brass Knuckles to the crowd and punched Big Show again.

Mauro Ranallo: Brass Knuckles Corey! He must of grabbed them from under the ring!

Corey Graves: What are Brass Knuckles even doing there?

Mauro laughed.

Holly took the Knuckles off as Big Show stumbled backwards, Holly placed a chair on the ground and then grabbed Big Show up for the Alabama Slam. He struggled to keep the big man up but Hit the Alabama Slam on the chair!

Corey Graves: Oh my god.

Hardcore Holly covered Big Show and signalled for the Referee to count.


The referee went to raise Holly’s arm but Holly refused, instead he looked at Show down on the canvas and admired his handiwork as Summerslam went to Commercial.


Mauro Ranallo: Up next, Braun Strowman goes one on one with Tommaso Ciampa in a chain match! There is no love lost between these two superstars, who have been at each other's throats literally and figuratively these past few months...

After a video package recapping the rivalry between Ciampa and Strowman, "Psycho Killer" by Talking Heads hit and the crowd booed as Tommaso Ciampa made his way to the ring. As Ciampa entered the ring, he reluctantly allowed the referee to cuff the steel chain to his wrist.

Corey Graves: That chain is made out of reinforced steel, Mauro... once Braun Strowman is cuffed to the other end of it, there will be no escape for Tommaso Ciampa!

"I Am Stronger" by CFO$ hit and the crowd cheered as Braun Strowman headed to the ring. Upon entering the ring, Strowman stared across at Ciampa and smiled sadistically. Ciampa remained stone-faced as the referee cuffed the chain to Strowman's wrist. The referee then called for the bell, and Strowman immediately pulled Ciampa towards him, hitting a huge clothesline!

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia! Braun Strowman almost took Ciampa's head clean off!

As Ciampa got to his feet, Strowman wrapped the chain around his wrist and hit Ciampa with a series of punches, then threw him into the corner. With his free hand, Strowman hit Ciampa with a huge chop to the chest, causing Ciampa to cry out in pain. As Ciampa stumbled out of the corner, Strowman grabbed him and Ciampa dropped to his knees, begging for mercy. Strowman shook his head, but Ciampa had deceived him, and he hit Strowman with a low blow, then wrapped the chain around Strowman's legs. Ciampa pulled on the chain, taking Strowman down, then stomped on Strowman's throat! Strowman sat up, and Ciampa tried to wrap the chain around his neck, but Strowman fought Ciampa off and got to his feet. Strowman then grabbed Ciampa by the throat, lifting him up for a chokeslam! He hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... kickout! Strowman dragged Ciampa to his feet and lifted him over his shoulder, setting him up for the running powerslam. Ciampa wriggled free and wrapped the chain around Strowman's neck, before dragging him down to the mat, hitting a neckbreaker. Ciampa then wrapped the chain around his fist and hit Strowman in the head repeatedly, busting Strowman open!

Corey Graves: Ciampa made the monster bleed! I don't believe this!

Mauro Ranallo: I think he's just made Strowman angry, Corey... and you wouldn't like Braun Strowman when he's angry!

As the blood trickled down Strowman's face, it seemed to spark something inside him, and the Monster Among Men let out a roar, then shoved Ciampa away. As Strowman got to his feet, Ciampa tried to exit the ring, but because of the chain he could only get so far. Strowman sensed an opportunity, and he exited the ring on the opposite side, smirking as he did so. Strowman then grabbed the chain with both hands and pulled Ciampa towards him, causing Ciampa to collide with the ring post! As Ciampa staggered backwards, he too was bleeding.

Mauro Ranallo: Both of these men busted open now... Strowman and Ciampa will stop at nothing!

Corey Graves: This isn't just a match to them, Mauro. This is war!

Strowman walked around the ring towards Ciampa, then hit him with a series of punches. Ciampa stumbled backwards, then fought back, hitting Strowman with a kick to the knee. Strowman momentarily lost his balance, and Ciampa picked up the ring steps, throwing him at Braun Strowman! The steps hit Strowman full force in the face, and he fell to the ground.

Mauro Ranallo: Strowman could be out cold, but Ciampa can't pin him on the outside! He has to get Strowman back into the ring for a pinfall attempt!

Corey Graves: I don't think Ciampa is concerned about pinning Strowman right now, Mauro. He seems to be looking for something underneath the ring...

Ciampa rummaged underneath the ring, pulling out a pair of bolt cutters! He then used the bolt cutters to cut the chain tying him to Braun Strowman, and began walking up the ramp. The crowd booed as Ciampa quickened his pace.

Mauro Ranallo: I don't believe this! Ciampa is hightailing it out of here!

Corey Graves: Not so fast, Mauro! Look!

As Ciampa was halfway up the ramp, the crowd began to cheer. The camera cut to the top of the stage, where Dalton Castle was waiting for Ciampa.

Mauro Ranallo: It's the EBWF Gateway Champion, Dalton Castle! It looks like he's trying to stop Tommaso Ciampa getting away from his "friend", Braun Strowman!

Corey Graves: Well Mauro, Dalton did say on the pre-show he'd be watching Strowman beat Ciampa tonight. It seems he's making sure Ciampa can't run away...

Ciampa looked ready to fight Dalton Castle, but before he could do so Braun Strowman hit him across the back with the steel chain. Ciampa fell to his knees, and Strowman whipped him across the back with the chain once more. He then grabbed Ciampa and dragged him back down the ramp, before tossing him back into the ring. As Strowman re-entered the ring, Ciampa tried to escape, but Strowman grabbed him and lifted him up over his shoulder, hitting the running powerslam! The crowd chanted "one more time" and Strowman picked Ciampa up, hitting a second running powerslam to the delight of the fans. He then hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... 3!

Mauro Ranallo: It's over! Braun Strowman gets the victory!

The referee uncuffed the chain from Strowman's wrist, then raised his arm in victory. Castle waited for Braun at the top of the ramp, and as Strowman approached him, Castle raised his hand for a high five. Strowman stopped momentarily, then walked past Castle, leaving him hanging. Strowman then "patted" Castle on the back a little too forcefully, causing Castle to wince. Nonetheless, Castle seemed pleased, and he turned around to follow Strowman through the curtain.

Corey Graves: Well Tommaso Ciampa has been beaten here tonight, but I'm sure we haven't seen the end of this rivalry...


Mauro Ranallo: Corey, I’m not even sure how to introduce the next part of the show.

Corey Graves: It’s easy Mauro, we’re about to witness history in the making with EBWF’s first ever Battle of the Bands!

Mauro Ranallo: How is the winner decided?

Corey Graves: I actually spoke with Aiden and Elias earlier today and they assured me the contest would be fairly judged by the audience in attendance!

Mauro Ranallo: Sounds like Elias is going to be singing a lullaby to his singing career!

Corey Graves: This crowd is going to love Sights and Sounds Orchestra!

Mauro Ranallo: Perhaps, but first up is their competition.

Ryan O’Hare and Frank Woods stepped out onto the entrance ramp with rickety looking guitars strung over their shoulders. Frank stepped up to the microphone and tapped on it. A loud screech echoed across the arena as the fans hissed and ducked, covering their ears instinctually.

Frank Woods: Ladies and gentlemen we are Tennessee Two-Step and we’ve prepared a cover of one of our favorite songs to perform for you tonight!

Frank Woods: Aw Son!

Tennessee Two-Step performed a cover of “Small Town Throwdown” by Brantley Gilbert. Ryan O’Hare played lead guitar while Frank played rhythm and sang. The crowd eventually got into the act and enjoyed a performance of a local artist’s song. As the song commenced the duo bowed and played to the crowd.

Corey Graves: What in the world did I just listen to?

Mauro Ranallo: Country music Corey, get out and live a little!

Corey Graves: I don’t want to live if I have to listen to that!

Mauro Ranallo: I’m not sure how English and Samson could hope to follow that!

Corey Graves: In a hearse if they were listening!

Mauro Ranallo: You’re in the south, country is king around these parts!

Frank Woods accidentally knocked over the microphone with his guitar as he turned to walk away. The crowd let out a boo as the speakers in the arena let out a pop and a squeal. The popping continued as Frank fumbled to pick the mic up off the ground. Then with one last click it went silent. Aiden English emerged from the back swinging a microphone cord around in circles. He let go and it zipped toward Frank’s chest. Aiden laughed into the headset microphone he was wearing.

Corey Graves: That’s the confidence of a champion!

Mauro Ranallo: Aiden’s wrestling ability can’t help him in a battle of the bands!

Corey Graves: Maybe not, but his win by any means attitude is going to make this a night to remember.

Aiden English: I would like to deeply apologize for what you were all just subjected too. I can’t even begin to imagine the harrowing helplessness you all experienced during that horribly hapless performance. Fear not friends for Sights and Sounds Orchestra is about to dazzle you with a daring display of audible devotion to greatness. We are about to elevate your expectations and alleviate your alarming apprehensions.

The usual sound of Elias strumming his guitar sounded over the speakers in the arena and the crowd let out a mixed reaction. Elias stepped out from the back with his shiny black guitar slung over his shoulder and a headset microphone.

Elias Samson: Ladies and gentlemen, I am Elias…

He played a few chords on the guitar.

Elias Samson: SummerSlam is the BIGGEST event of the summer and we aim to make it the most memorable SummerSlam of all time! Aiden and I ran through our entire library of cover tracks and original songs. Hell! We even sat down and wrote a few new songs to prepare. Something just wasn’t clicking…

Elias walked behind Aiden and pantomimed hitting him with the guitar. The crowd cheered loudly and Aiden swung around to see Elias casually walking across the stage.

Elias Samson: So, we reached out to some of my contacts in the music industry and asked for a little help coming up with something for the Biggest Concert of the Year! Then we found the missing piece in Sights and Sounds Orchestra, the Orchestra! Please join me in welcoming the Sights and Sounds backing band!

Off to the side of the stage a curtain opened to reveal a full band. It was Atlanta based rock band Sevendust, the crowd cheered loud for the local group.

Mauro Ranallo: This has to be against the rules!

Corey Graves: Our Breakout Champion set this all up, it has to be legal!

Elias Samson: Let’s get another round of applause for Sevendust!

The crowd’s cheer drown out Elias on the mic. He paced the stage as they calmed down.

Aiden English: Now sit back and enjoy an effervescent evocation of their hit track and my new theme MOMENTS!

Aiden and Elias performed the song with Sevendust to a very positive reaction. In the last few seconds of the song Frank Woods and Ryan O’Hare came back out to the stage with a huge sign reading “applause-o-meter”. At the top it had a scale and a big pointer controlled from behind with a magnet.


Mauro Ranallo: I’m glad Sevendust is talented enough to carry the combined weight of English and Samson.

Corey Graves: Laugh it up Mauro, but this is the last time we have to see these two nobodies in an EBWF ring!

Elias slung his guitar off his shoulder and charged at Aiden. At the last moment Aiden ducked and Elias smashed the guitar over lead singer Lajon Witherspoon’s head. Lajon collapsed to the floor and Elias immediately dropped to a knee to check on him. Aiden pulled him up by the shoulder and motioned for Elias to get back. Frank and Ryan stood around confused as Aiden picked Lajon up and helped him backstage.

Mauro Ranallo: Was that guitar meant for Aiden?

Corey Graves: No way! Elias was making a joke and tripped, that’s all.

Mauro Ranallo: That blow looked very intentional to me!

Corey Graves: They’re partners Mauro, you don’t do that to your partner.

Mauro Ranallo: Their relationship has seemed very strained lately.

Corey Graves: Did you read that in the Enquirer or the Star?

As the stage cleared Frank and Ryan were still standing around, looking lost. They raised each other’s hands in victory. Aiden stormed out from the back and ripped Frank around, quickly delivering the Director’s Cut onto the steal of the entrance ramp. Ryan took a moment to turn around and when he did Aiden kicked him in the gut and DDT’d him. Aiden walked to the back again but quickly returned with a guitar in either hand. He sat one down and then smashed the other one over Frank Woods’ head. English picked up the second guitar and smashed it across Ryan O’Hare’s back.

Corey Graves: I think it’s clear Aiden won this and Tennessee Two-Step is allowed back!

Mauro Ranallo: English has gone too far tonight.

Aiden stood over the two wrestlers with his hands held up in the air. Out from the back walked Raquel Diaz with the Breakout Championship and strapped it around his waist. Aiden looked out across the crowd to a chorus of boos before leaving with Raquel at his side.


As SummerSlam continued, a spot light shined on the stage where a drum set, amps, and a few microphone stands where set up. The EBWF Universe looked on as they knew this had to be the mysterious band that was going to play tonight.

Corey Graves: This is it Mauro.. We’re going to finally get to see The Band play.

Mauro Ranallo: But who is The Band?

Corey Graves: You’re about to find out, keep your shirt on Mauro.

The spotlight remained on the stage for a few seconds longer before it cut off. The crowd cheer in anticipation, but those cheers were quieted as moments passed and nothing happened. Finally, a deep voice over the PA system was heard.

Deep Voice: We are sorry to announce, but due to the airlines losing their instruments.. The Band will no be able to perform tonight. Unfortunately, there will be no refunds..

The voice cut out and the crowd let out a loud boo.

Mauro Ranallo: What’s going on?

Corey Graves: It seems like the airlines lost their luggage. It happens Mauro..

Mauro Ranallo: But we have instruments on the stage..

Corey Graves: A real band doesn’t play with house instruments Mauro, come on..

The crowd continued to boo as SummerSlam cut to another promotion leading to the main event.


After a small video package played that showed the events that lead up to the Queen of the Mountain Match, SummerSlam cut to ringside as soon as “War” by Sick Puppies blasted onto the sound system. The crowd cheered as the General Manager of the Women’s Division walked out onto the stage. She smiled and made her way down to the ring. She round the ring and interacted with some of the EBWF fans. She walked up to one young girl who held onto an EBWF Women’s Championship Deluxe Replica belt in her hands. Angelina smiled and raised the little girl’s hand.

Angelina Love: Future Women’s Champion.

She gave the girl a hug and then walked up the steel steps and climbed into the ring. Angelina smiled as she walked into the center of the with a microphone in hand. She listened to the EBWF as the cheered for her. She held up her left hand as she brought the microphone up to lips with the right.

Angelina Love: This is it.. This is the moment that has been building up for weeks. A moment that I know each and every one of you have been waiting for.

She had to pause a moment as the EBWF Universe interrupted with a loud cheer in unison.

Angelina Love: Well.. I guess we’re just going to have to jump right into this thing. But first, I know that there is going to be a lot of chaos tonight. With how these women have been over the last couple of months.. I’m expecting it. That is why I’m going to be out here, but I can’t do it all on my own. There will three officials out here to call this match.

As she mentioned them, three EBWF referees walked out from the back. Senior Official, Mike Chioda lead the way as referees John Cone and Drake Wuertz followed behind. The three men entered the ring and stood behind Angelina. She turned to face them.

Angelina Love: Mike.. John.. Drake… You need to be on the top of your game out there. I don’t want a missed pinfall.. I don’t want a submission to go uncalled. When one of these women gets pinned or submits, I want them in that penalty box quickly.. Do you understand me? This match will be have no doubts..

The three men gave a nod as the agreed to Angelina’s demands. She turned back around and looked up at the stage. She raised the microphone once more.

Angelina Love: Now that we have all the semantics out of the way, I say we have ourselves a match.. Ladies, get out here.

Angelina smiled once more. She turned to exit the ring as “Stars In the Show” blasted onto the sound system.

Christy Hemme: Introducing first.. Candice LeRae!!!

Candice LeRae ran out onto the stage with a huge smile on her face. The EBWF Universe cheered out as Candice stood at the top of the ramp. She paused as she soaked in the moment, the emotion beginning to get to her. She begun to head down to the ring as “Recognition” took over the sound system.

Christy Hemme: Next.. Charlotte!!!

Charlotte Flair walked out onto the stage with Zelina Vega close in tow. The two women stopped at the top of the ramp. Zelina turned to Charlotte and begun to instruct on her on the stop. The two walked forward and headed to the ring. Angelina walked in and cut Zelina Vega off.

Angelina Love: No.. You’re not going to get involved in this. Get back to the back..

Zelina Vega: WHAT!? No!

Angelina gave a nod and two more of EBWF’s officiating staff came out from the back and the grabbed at Zelina. She pulled herself out of their grasps and continued to scream at Angelina. She began to yell in Spanish as the officials lead her back up the ramp. Once they reach the stage, “Kiss From A Rose” came onto the sound system next. Mandy Rose walked out onto the stage and passed by Zelina and the two referees.

Christy Hemme: Up next.. Mandy Rose!!!

She looked at them as they passed but then turned forward and flung her hair over her shoulder. She slowly and sensually walked down the ramp towards the ring. She rolled her eyes as her music was cut off by “Glasgow Cross”. The camera panned up to the entrance way for Nikki Cross, but no one walked out. A few seconds passed before some screams were heard at ringside. The cameras switched and caught Nikki Cross as she slid out from under the ring.

Christy Hemme: Next we have.. Nikki Cross!!!

She let out a yell and jumped to her feet and slammed her fists down on the commentary table. She spun around and ran to the ring. She jumped up on the apron and began to run back and forth on the apron along the ropes. “Bossy” begun to play as Nikki stopped and put her teeth on the top rope.

Christy Hemme: TRISH STRATUS!!!

The camera switched back to the stage as Trish Stratus walked out on to the stage. The EBWF Universe erupted once Trish threw her hand in the air as she stood at the top of the ramp. She gave a smile as she headed towards the ring. Halfway down the ramp, “Illest” blasted on to the sound system. The crowd continued to cheer as Liv Morgan ran out onto the stage. As she ran forward, Liv reached up and grabbed her hat and launched it into the EBWF Universe. She ran across the stage and threw up her arms. She strutted over to the top of the ramp and then begun her decent. Shortly after, “Crushed” took over the sound system and Alexa Bliss walked out onto the stage. The crowds cheers quickly turned to boos.

Christy Hemme: Out next.. Alexa Bliss!!!

Alexa sneered at the Universe as she stood and waited at the top of the ramp. After a few seconds, Alexa walked down to the ramp and rounded the ring. She hopped up onto the apron and sat. Alexa gave a dirty look as she turned her head and looked into the ring where the six other women stood. Alexa stood up from seated position and slowly got into the ring. The three referees stood in the center of the ring and kept each of the women seperated. The lights in the arena suddenly went out which sent the entire arena into darkness. Static over took the titan tron momentarily, but then went back out. After a few seconds in silence, “Lost In the Static” began to play. Out from the entrance, shadowed figures walked out and lined the stage. Each of the figures held in their hands a single candle. As the beat picked up, Zahra Schreiber walked out onto the stage. Her waisted shined as the EBWF Women’s Championship fit right to her hips. She walked up to the top of the ramp and stood there for a second.

Christy Hemme: And the EBWF Women’s Champion.. Zahra Schreiber!!!

She stared into the ring at the seven sets of eyes that looked back at her. She walked down the ramp slowly. She was stopped at the bottom of the ramp by Angelina Love. Angelina walked up to Zahra and held out her hand. Zahra looked down at it and then looked Angelina in the eye. Without a word being said, Zahra reached around her back and unstrapped the belt and lifted it up. She looked at it before she handed it off to Angelina. Angelina folded the straps behind the plate and held the championship in front of her. Zahra turned her attention back towards the ring. As her head turned, Candice LeRae wasted no time as she charged forward. She ran between the other women and tucked down and dove through the ropes and collided with Zahra.

Mauro Ranallo: Candice LeRae!!! She’s not waiting for the bell!!

Corey Graves: That’s an assault..

Mauro Ranallo: No.. That’s Candice showing that she’s not intimidated by Zahra.

Angelina took a step backwards as Zahra and Candice fell to the floor in front of her feet. The lights came back on as the bell rung out. As soon as the bell was heard, all the women begun to pair off.

Corey Graves: Here we go.. Let the chaos begin..

Charlotte blindsided Trish with a big boot to the side of the head. Trish fell to the mat and rolled out of the ring. Charlotte climbed through the ropes and followed her outside. Liv charged at Alexa and jumped her on her back and let out a primal scream. The two women dropped to the mat. Liv sat up on Alexa’s back and dropped a couple of forearms on the back of the head. Mandy Rose took her shot at Nikki as she charged Nikki and tackled her off the apron. Nikki fell to ringside and stumbled back against the commentary table.

Mauro Ranallo: Oh!! Nikki and Mandy right out here in front of us.

Corey Graves: That’s right Mandy, show that psycho who’s boss.

Mandy dropped down and slid out of the ring and walked over to Nikki. She grabbed a handful of hair and took Nikki’s head and slammed her face against the table. Nikki staggered forward with a smile on her face. The camera switched over as Candice LeRae attempted to whip Zahra into the barricade, but Zahra turned it around and launched Candice into the barricade. Zahra walked over and she stomped down on Candice’s chest over and over. She then bent down and picked Candice up by her blond hair and walked her up the ramp a little. Zahra tucked Candice’s head under her arm and looked out to the crowd. The moment cost Zahra as Candice slipped out and nailed Zahra in the midsection.

Mauro Ranallo: Candice is showing her heart by going right after the EBWF Women’s Champion.

Corey Graves: She’s not in Zahra’s league, Mauro.

The two women battle a little further up the ramp as they exchanged rights. Inside the ring, Liv lifted Alexa to her knees and then stepped back. Liv ran forward and kicked Alexa in the midsection. Alexa rolled over to her back and Liv quickly dropped down for the pinfall. John Cone dropped to the mat and begun the count.

John Cone: One..

Alexa quickly threw her shoulder up. Liv stood back up and reached down and picked Alexa up. On the outside, Charlotte lead Trish over to the penalty box and smashed her face first into the steel. Trish held onto the bars to keep herself on her feet. Charlotte backed away but then quickly turned around and ran at Trish. She lifted her leg and was about to hit Trish, but Trish fell backwards and dodged at the last second. Charlotte’s leg connected with the steel rung of the shark cage.

Mauro Ranallo: Oh my!!

Corey Graves: Charlotte’s knee folded up like an accordion.

She bent down and held at her knee. Trish grabbed Charlotte by the back of the head and tights and shoved her shoulder first into the side of the penalty box. On the other side of the ring, Mandy had Nikki up against the barricade. Mandy brought her hand across Nikki’s chest with a chop. Nikki flinched in pain, but the smile remained on her face. Mandy brought her hand across the chest once more, this time with more force. Nikki’s smile grin bigger as she enjoyed the pain. Nikki nodded her head as she egged Mandy on. Back in the ring, Liv ran at Alexa who was leaning in the corner. Alexa moved out of the way and Liv ran shoulder first into the steel turnbuckle. Alexa came from behind Liv and pulled her back in a roll up. Alexa stacked herself up on Liv’s legs as John Cone dropped down for the pin.

John Cone: 1… 2…

At the last second, Alexa tugged on Liv’s tights.

John Cone: 3!!

Mauro Ranallo: Liv’s been pinned!! She’s going to be the first woman to spend two minutes in the penalty box.

Corey Graves: This is great!

Mauro Ranallo: Now Alexa’s already eligible, so this was just to get one less woman at ringside.

Corey Graves: A great strategy.

Alexa smiled as Liv rolled onto her knees and looked up at the referee. She argued, but John lead her out of the ring where Drake Wuertz met her. He led Liv over to the penalty box and motioned inside. Saddened, Liv walked into the cage. She turned around as Drake locked her inside. Trish rolled Charlotte into the ring and slid in on top of her. John Cone dropped down next to them and counted.

John Cone: 1… 2…

Mauro Ranallo: What in the...

Corey Graves: Alexa doesn’t want to let Trish be eligible. Remember Mauro, you need to become eligible before you can even think of winning the match. So if Alexa keeps everyone from getting eligible, then the odds are in her favor.

Alexa stomped down on the back of Trish to break up the pin. Alexa shook her finger and then reached down and grabbed a handful of Trish’s hair. She picked her head up and then slammed it down on mat. The camera switch to the stage where Candice took it to Zahra. She pinned Zahra up against the entrance screens. She walked back towards the ring but stopped and turned. Candice ran at Zahra but Zahra moved to the side. Candice crashed into the video boards and bounced off them.

Mauro Ranallo: The champ gets out of the way just in time.

She fell to the steel staging as Zahra collected herself. Zahra looked at the fallen Candice and shook her head. Quickly Zahra walked over and scooped Candice up to her feet. Zahra picked her up and dropped her on her back with a body slam. Zahra repeated the actions and dropped her down with another body slam. Candice arched her back as she reached for it in pain. Zahra bend down and lifted Candice to her feet. She grabbed a handful of Candice’s hair and she took her and smashed her head into the video boards. Candice collapsed to the stage motionless.

Mauro Ranallo: Zahra showing of that vicious side.

Corey Graves: The “Cupcake Princess” wanted to play with the big girls, well that’s how Zahra plays.

Zahra turned to the ring with a smile on her face. At ringside, Mandy took Nikki by the head and she slammed it into the steel turnbuckle post. Nikki fell to the ground but laughed. Nikki crawled towards the ring and pulled on the apron. Mandy shook her head as she watched Nikki return to her feet. Mandy threw a punch, but Nikki lifted her arm and blocked. Nikki screamed as she lunged forward and tackled Mandy. Nikki instantly began to drop punches down onto Mandy. Inside the ring Alexa and Charlotte teamed up on Trish. Charlotte had Trish’s arm locked behind her back as Alexa landed a right hand.

Mauro Ranallo: It looks like there’s strength in numbers..

Charlotte released the grip and Trish fell to the mat. Pleased by their action, the two women took a moment to gloat. Charlotte then bent down and picked Trish up by the hair. She whipped Trish into the turnbuckle. Alexa walked up to Trish and she got in her face. Alexa went to slap Trish, but Trish blocked. Charlotte walked up and attempted to strike Trish as well, but once more, Trish blocked. Trish kicked Alexa in the midsection. Charlotte came at Trish once more and was met with a left.

Corey Graves: Trish is fired up Mauro!

Trish continued to fight her way out of the corner against the two women. Outside again, Nikki stood up from Mandy and pounded her chest as she screamed. Nikki looked over at a ladder and walked over. She picked it up off the barricade. Nikki took the ladder and she leaned it up against the steel post. Nikki turned around and picked up Mandy and whipped her into the ladder. Mandy’s back smashed against the steel in a loud crack. She fell to the mat in pain.

Corey Graves: Mandy!!

Mauro Ranallo: We knew that it was only a matter of time before the ladder came into play.

Corey Graves: I think Mandy may need a massage.

The ladder toppled over and fell on top of Mandy for a second strike. Nikki let out another scream and then stepped up onto the ladder and walked over Mandy. Nikki slid into the ring. She sat on her knees as she watched Trish battle back against Alexa and Charlotte. Nikki ran forward and rammed her shoulder into Trish’s gut. She pushed her back into the corner and folded her up in the turnbuckles. Nikki come out of the corner and nailed Charlotte with a left.

Mauro Ranallo: Nice is firing at everything that moves!!

Corey Graves: Not anymore..

She turned to Alexa but was met with a kick to stomach. Alexa quickly grabbed Nikki’s head and dropped back with a DDT. Zahra walked up to the side of the ring and she reached up for the bottom rope, but out of nowhere, Liv Morgan jumped on her. Liv pounded the back of Zahra’s head. Zahra stumbled away from Liv, but the Liv kept right on her. The two rounded the ring. Liv delivered a forearm to the back. Zahra stumbled over the ladder that was still on top of Mandy Rose. Liv walked around the ladder and grabbed Zahra. She lifted her back up to her feet but kept a hold of her. Liv ran with Zahra and launched her over the barricade into the timekeepers area. Liv climbed up onto the barricade and taunted for her fans. She looked down at Zahra and waited. Zahra grabbed and pulled herself back to her feet using the timekeeper’s table. As she returned to her feet, Liv jumped off the barricade. Zahra turned with the ring bell and threw it. Liv’s face collided with the bell and forced her backwards as she crashed to the ground.

Mauro Ranallo: OH GOD!!!

Corey Graves: Liv has to be out!!

Zahra leaned against the barricade with a smile on her face. Back in the ring, Charlotte drove an elbow into the side of Trish’s head. Held up by the corner, Trish stood dazed. Charlotte looked over her shoulder and met eyes with Alexa who stood in the opposing corner with Nikki Cross leaned against the turnbuckles. The two nod and go to whip Nikki and Trish into each other. However, Nikki and Trish ran past each other and both women delivered a front dropkick. Alexa and Charlotte both collided with the corners back first. Trish bend down to grab Alexa, but Alexa rolled out under the bottom rope onto the apron. Trish reached through the ropes but was met with steel. Mandy Rose ran up and smashed the ladder straight to the top of Trish’s head. Trish fell back into the ring and Mandy dropped the ladder and slid into the ring. She hooked the leg. Mike Chioda dropped down to the mat.

Mike Chioda: 1… 2… 3…

Mandy raised her hand as she rolled off Trish. Mike knelt down and helped Trish to the side of the ring where Drake stood and waited. He helped Trish off the apron and lead her to the penalty box.

Mauro Ranallo: Trish Stratus has been pinned!!

Corey Graves: Do you know what that means?!

Mauro Ranallo: It means she will be sitting on sidelines for the next two minutes.

Corey Graves: No, Mauro!! It means that Mandy Rose is now eligible!!

Nikki drove her shoulder into Charlotte in the corner not once, but a total of three times before she shoved her out of the corner. Nikki dropped on top of Charlotte and went for the pin. Just as John Cone dropped for the count, Zahra pulled Nikki out of the ring. Zahra grabbed Nikki and pushed her back and drove her into the ring apron. Nikki dropped to her knees. Zahra grabbed Nikki by the hair and threw her into the commentary table. She walked over and started to clear the table.

Mauro Ranallo: This doesn’t look good..

On the opposite side of the ring, Alexa Bliss slid a ladder into the ring. Mandy rose to her feet and walked over to the ladder and picked it up while Alexa climbed into the ring. Alexa grabbed the other end of the ladder and tugged on it. The two women glared at each other as the each tugged on the ladder like they were playing tug of war. The paused for a moment and turned to their heads as Charlotte got to her feet. Alexa and Mandy ran with the ladder at Charlotte, plowing her over. Charlotte crashed to the floor and rolled out of the ring. Alexa and Nikki both continued to tug on ladder in the center of the ring until their attention was diverted to the corner. Both women looked up at the top turnbuckle where Candice LeRae launched herself. Candice drop kicked the ladder and took both Alexa and Mandy out. Candice quickly crawled over and pulled the ladder off Alexa. She laid her body over Alexa’s as Chioda dropped to the mat.

Mike Chioda: 1… 2… ..

Alexa threw her shoulder up at the last moment. Candice wasted no time and scurried over to Mandy. She hooked the leg and Chioda quickly dropped down for the pin.

Mike Chioda: 1… 2… ..

Mandy kicked out at the last second. Candice sat up and pulled at her hair. Zahra rammed her knee into the side of Nikki’s head. She bent down and pulled her up be her hair. She took her head and slammed it against the table. Nikki bounced back and stumbled away from the table. Nikki crawled to the edge of the ring and tried to climb under the ring. Zahra shook her head and grabbed Nikki’s leg. She pulled Nikki out from under the ring, but was instantly engulfed in a cloud of smoke. Nikki pulled out a fire extinguisher from under the ring with her and shot it in the face of Zahra. Blinded, Zahra stumbled backwards and caught her balance with the table.

Mauro Ranallo: Zahra’s been blinded!!

Corey Graves: Quick!! Give me your water!! I have to flush it out of her eyes!

Nikki got to her feet and charged at Zahra. She leaped at Zahra with the fire extinguisher in hand, and threw herself, Zahra, and the fire extinguisher over the table into Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves. The two men jumped from there seats as the women fell into their laps. Candice picked up the ladder and carried it over to the corner. She leaned it against the turnbuckles and turned around. She walked over and bent down and picked up Mandy by the head. She brought her back to her feet and lead her over to the ladder. She placed Mandy against the ladder and then turned around once more. She walked over to Alexa and bent to pick her up, but Alexa broke her grip and landed a punch to the midsection. Candice doubled over, but attempted once more. Alexa hit another punch and then stood up. She grabbed Candice and spun her around and threw her at Mandy, but Mandy moved. Candice’s head bounced off the steel ladder. She stumbled back into Alexa who tucked her head down and dropped Candice with a DDT. Alexa rolled her over and hooked the leg. Chioda dropped for the count.

Mike Chioda: 1… 2… 3…

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa with another pinfall..

Corey Graves: I’m telling you, it seems like Alexa is the only one with a game plan.

Mandy came up and kicked Alexa in the back as she attempted to get back to her feet. Chioda helped Candice to the edge of ring, but turned around and got back to the action. Drake walked over and her helped Candice off the apron and walked her over to the penalty box. As she opened the door, Trish’s time expired and she stormed out of the cage. Trish slid into the ring and Mandy quickly turned to her.

Mauro Ranallo: TRISH IS FREE!!

Trish tackled Mandy to the mat with a spear. Trish returned to her feet and turned to Mandy. She reached down and picked her up and quickly threw her into the ladder. Trish brought her hand back and left it loose across Mandy’s chest, the steel ladder not giving an inch. Trish grabbed Mandy’s hand and she pulled her off the ladder and whipped her across the ring into the corner. Trish walked over and she lifted Mandy up onto the top turnbuckle. She backed up slightly and looked at Mandy. She went to go for Mandy, but Liv Morgan slid into the ring and grabbed Trish’s head. She used Trish’s momentum along with her own and ran at the corner. Liv climbed up the turnbuckle and continued up Mandy’s body. After a kick to Mandy’s head, Liv flipped backwards over Trish and dropped her down with the Sliced Bread.

Mauro Ranallo: HASHTAG 201!!!

Corey Graves: What just happened?!

Liv reached up and hooked the leg as Mike Chioda dropped down for the pinfall.

Mike Chioda: 1… 2… ..

Alexa pulled Liv off Trish. She shook her head as Liv looked up at her. Alexa lifted her leg and dropped her boot down in the chest of Liv. Alexa looked over her should at the ladder and turned to it. As she went to grab it, Charlotte Flair ran up behind her and tossed Alexa out of the ring. She turned back to Liv and reached down and picked her up. Charlotte attempted to toss Liv out of the ring, but unknown to Charlotte, Liv held onto the ropes and managed to stay on the apron. Charlotte walked over to the fallen Trish and bent down. She pulled Trish up to her feet. Liv ran around the ring on the apron and around the turnbuckle. She ran on the other apron and leapt off the apron onto Alexa with a Sunset Flip. Mandy managed to compose herself on the turnbuckle and climbed to the top rope. As soon as Charlotte had Trish up and in her sights, Mandy jumped off the top and hit both women with a cross body.

Mauro Ranallo: Mandy risking everything!!

Corey Graves: That’s what the Women’s Championship means to her.

The three women laid in the middle of the ring, but quickly they were joined by Liv Morgan. Liv slid into the ring and looked at the three women on the mat. Liv turned her head to the ladder. The EBWF Universe cheered out as Liv walked over to the ladder. Liv set the ladder up, still in the corner. Liv looked once more as Charlotte, Trish, and Mandy were all prone on their back. Liv climb the ladder with her back to the women. Liv stopped halfway up the ladder and looked over her shoulder. She shook her head and then climbed to the top of the ladder. She stood up on the top rung and took a second. Liv took a deep breath as she flipped backwards with a moonsault. She flew through air and crashed down on top of Trish Stratus. Liv grabbed at her on ribs as the crowd erupted.

EBWF Universe: HOLY SHIT!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!

Liv cringed as she fell forward on top of Trish. John Cone dropped quickly to the mat and counted the pin.

John Cone: 1… 2… 3…

Mauro Ranallo: That’s it!! Liv is now eligible!

Liv sat up on her knees as Trish rolled to the side of the ring. The EBWF Universe continued to cheer until Nikki Cross flew into the ring from the top rope and hit a missile dropkick to the back of Liv’s neck. Drake Wuertz met with Trish at the apron and helped her to her feet. He opened the cage and Trish walked in where Candice stood. Candice checked with the referee. He shook his head and told her it wasn’t time yet. Candice grabbed at the bars and looked intense. In the ring, Nikki picked up Liv Morgan by hair. She whipped her into the turnbuckles. Nikki then reached down and picked up Mandy Rose by the hair. She quickly whipped her into Liv in the corner. Both women looked dazed in the corner as Nikki grinned and then reached down and picked up Charlotte. Like the other two, Nikki whipped Charlotte into the corner. With all three women in the corner, Nikki turned and folded up the ladder and took it in her hand. Nikki put the ladder in front of her and ran at the three women. She collided with them with the ladder in the middle. Nikki bounced back as the three women collapsed in the corner. With the ladder still in hand, Nikki looked around. She then turned and set the ladder up in the center of the ring. The EBWF Universe cheered as Nikki looked up at the empty wire. She licked her lips and the fell back and rolled out of the ring. She walked up to Angelina. She took the title as Angelina held it out in front of her. Nikki took the championship and ran back into the ring. She put the strap in her mouth and bit down on the leather as she reached the ladder. She started to climb up the rungs.

Mauro Ranallo: This could be it!!! Nikki is climbing with the championship!!

Candice rattled the cage door as she eagerly wanted to get in the ring. However, it was Alexa that hit the ring and reached Nikki. Alexa grabbed a hold of the championship belt and yanked it out of Nikki’s mouth. Nikki grabbed at her mouth as Alexa jumped up nailed Nikki in the back with the championship belt. Nikki dropped off the ladder in front of Alexa. She looked up just as Alexa folded up the championship and rammed it into Nikki’s face. Nikki crumbled to the mat and reached for her face. Alexa then turned and quickly went up the ladder. She reached up, but the wire was still out of reach. Alexa climbed up one more rung of the ladder and tried once more. Still she was just a little short.

Corey Graves: Someone must have raised that wire.. Alexa can’t seem to reach.

She climbed on to the last rung before the top of the ladder. As she reached up for the wire, Candice LeRae sling shotted herself off the top rope and jumped on the ladder. She fluidedly threw a right hand and nailed Alexa in the midsection. The force caused Alexa to drop the championship to the mat. Mike Chioda quickly went over and scooped up the belt and handed it out of the ring to Angelina. Candice connected with another right hand to the jaw of Alexa as the two battle on the top of the ladder. The two stopped as the ladder started to shake. Alexa and Candice held on to the top of the ladder as Mandy Rose showed her strength and lifted the ladder off the mat. Mandy walked with the ladder over to the side of the ring. The two women on top of the ladder shook their heads as Mandy began to tip the ladder. Alexa and Candice dropped off the top of the ladder and crashed through the commentary table. The EBWF Universe jumped to their feet and gasped as the wood flew in all directions.

Mauro Ranallo: MAMMA MIA!!!!!

John Cone slid out of the ring and ran over to the carnage. Angelina walked around the side of the ring and checked on the two women with John Cone. Mandy took the ladder and walked it back to the center of the ring. She exited the ring and walked up to Angelina. She took the championship and climbed back into the ring. Mandy went to the ladder, but before she was able to begin her climb, Zahra smashed a steel chair across her back. Mandy dropped the championship and fell to her knees. Mike Chioda walked over and slid the belt over to the edge of the ring where Angelina picked it up. Zahra lifted the chair above her head and she brought it down across Mandy’s back once more. Mandy fell on her stomach from the force, but Zahra was not done. Zahra lifted the chair once more, but this time she brought the chair down across Mandy’s left knee. Mandy cried out in pain and grabbed at her leg. Liv walked over, but Zahra jammed the ladder into her midsection. Liv doubled over, but that allowed Zahra to smash the chair across her back. Liv dropped to the mat and grabbed her back. Charlotte was next to meet the edge of the chair as Zahra jammed it into her midsection as well. When Zahra went to slam the chair across her back, Nikki speared Zahra into the set up ladder. The ladder toppled over and bounced on the top rope. The chair flew out of the ring Nikki stayed on top of Zahra and hooked the leg. Mike Chioda dropped down for the count.

Mike Chioda: 1… 2… 3…

Corey Graves: Oh my god!!

Mauro Ranallo: The EBWF Women’s Champion has been pinned!!!

Chioda helped Zahra to the edge of the ring where Drake took her and lead her over to the penalty box. As soon as he opened the door, Trish reached out and grabbed Zahra. She spun her around and threw Zahra into the steel steps. Drake waved Trish away, but Trish bend down and picked Zahra up. She pulled at her hair and drug her over to the door of the penalty box. Trish threw Zahra into the cage and slammed the door. Trish turned to the ring and climbed inside. Nikki ran at Trish with the folded up ladder. Trish spun and delivered a heel kick that hit the ladder perfectly. Nikki fell back as the ladder dropped on top of her. Trish maneuvered through the clutter in the ring and hit Charlotte with a right hand. Charlotte responded with a right of her own. The two exchanged rights back and forth. Trish changed it up with a quick uppercut, which sent Charlotte through the ropes. Trish went after Charlotte. Trish clubbed Charlotte in the upper back as she staggered away. Charlotte turned around and kicked Trish in the midsection. She grabbed Trish’s wrist and went for the whip, but Trish reversed it and whipped Charlotte over the barricade into the crowd. Inside the ring, Liv gingerly lifted the ladder off the ropes and set it up in the center of the ring. She walked over to the ropes and exited the ring and walked over to Angelina holding her back. She took the championship and slid back into the ring. Liv walked up to the ladder and started the climb. The EBWF Universe began to cheer as Liv neared the top. As she reached to top, she looked up. She climbed up on more rung before she lifted the championship. Nikki reached up and grabbed the strap and held on. Liv tried to tug on the belt, but Nikki would not let go. Nikki climbed up the other side of the ladder. The two women battle with the belt in one hand of each woman. Once again, Mandy Rose grabbed the ladder and tipped it over. Nikki and Liv both fell and got hung up on the top rope. Nikki bounced on the top rope and fell over the top and crashed to the outside. Liv’s throat came down across the top rope as she bounced back to the center. Mandy jumped forward with a boot.

Corey Graves: The bicycle kick!! It’s over!!

Liv fell to the mat as Mandy quickly went for the cover. Mike Chioda dropped down and made the count.

Mike Chioda: 1… 2… 3…

Mandy held her hand up again as she scored the pinfall. Chioda rolled Liv to the edge of the ring where Drake took over. He helped Liv over to the penalty box and opened the door. Liv walked in and looked up and stared in the eyes of her former best friend. The EBWF Universe erupted.

EBWF Universe: YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!!

Zahra and Liv stared at each for a second before Liv lunged and began to lay into Zahra inside the penalty box. Zahra fought back as the the two exchanged a fury of punches. Zahra jabbed her thumb into Liv’s eye. Liv grabbed at her eye and Zahra grabbed a handful of hair and smashed Liv’s face into the steel bars. Liv dropped down in the corner of the cage. Zahra smiled as she looked at the crowd as the boo her. Zahra reached her hand into her top and pulled out a pair of handcuffs from her bra. She held them up and which made the crowd boo louder. Zahra cuffed one end of the handcuffs to the steel bar and then reached down for Liv’s arm. She pulled it up, but Liv fought back. Liv nailed Zahra in the knee with a kick. The two battled back and forth for a little while before Liv moved back away from the cage. Zahra attempted to lunge after her but her arm pulled. Zahra’s eyes widened as she looked back at her own wrist handcuffed to the penalty box.

Mauro Ranallo: Zahra is cuffed to the cage!!

Corey Graves: No!! This is cheating!! Someone get some bolt cutters!!

The crowd cheered as Zahra furiously pulled at the cuffs and screamed. Liv laughed before she began to unload on Zahra. Liv hammered down with clubbing blow after clubbing blow. Back in the ring, Mandy adjusted the ladder and set it back up in the middle of the ring. She exited the ring and walked over and grabbed the championship. She turned back to the ring but before she could enter, Candice grabbed at her foot. Mandy looked down and shrugged her off, but instead of getting into the ring, Mandy set the championship down and reached down and picked up Candice. She rolled Candice into the ring and slide in after. Angelina walked over and took the championship back while Mandy cockily kicked Candice in the back of the head. Candice crawled over to the ropes and tried to pull herself up. Mandy watched, but as soon Candice returned to her feet, Mandy grabbed her. She pulled Candice into the ring and tucked her up.

Corey Graves: This could be it Mauro.. Golden Wings!!

Mandy attempted to lift Candice, but Candice collapsed to the mat. Mandy shook her head and bent down and picked her up once more. She tucked her up again and went to hook Candice’s arms, but once more Candice dropped to the mat. Annoyed, Mandy kicked Candice a few more times. Outside the ring, Alexa crawled to the edge of the ring and lifted the ring apron. She struggled as she pulled out a larger ladder. She backed up to the barricade as she pulled it out. Alexa lift on end of the ladder and placed it on the barricade. She went and picked up the opposite side and set it on the apron. She looked at the bridged ladder and smiled.

Mauro Ranallo: What does Alexa have planned!!

Corey Graves: Nothing good.. That’s for sure.

Trish walked up behind Alexa and clubbed her in the back of the neck. She grabbed the hair and slammed Alexa’s face into the bridged ladder. Back in the ring Mandy lifted Candice up onto the turnbuckle backwards. Mandy exited the ring and climbed up the turnbuckles on the outside and stood in front of Candice. Mandy grabbed Candice by the hair and pushed her head down. She hooked the arms and looked as those she was setting up for the Golden Wings from the top. Candice force one of her arms loose and held onto the top turnbuckle. Mandy struggled for a few seconds before Candice lifted her up and back body dropped Mandy from the top rope. Candice at a top the turnbuckle for a second as she tried to catch her breath.

Mauro Ranallo: Candice with the reversal!!!

On the other side of the ring, Trish lead Alexa over to the steel steps. Trish smashed Alexa’s face into the steel and threw her back against the mat. Out of nowhere, Nikki ran in and drop kicked the steel steps and sent them into Trish’s knees. Trish fell as she grabbed her legs. Nikki pulled at her hair as she walked around the steps and grabbed Trish. She lifted her up to her feet and whipped Trish into the bridged ladder. Trish’s back bent as she went into the ladder with force. Nikki quickly grabbed her again and spun her around and whipped her into the ladder once more. Trish collapsed to the ground, but Nikki grabbed at Trish’s legs and set her up. Nikki fell backwards which brought Trish up into the bottom of the ladder bridge face first. Back in the ring Candice turned herself on the top rope and looked down at Mandy. She took a deep breath and jumped off. Candice brought her elbow down across Mandy’s chest and quickly went for the pin. John Cone dropped down for the pin.

John Cone: 1… 2… 3…

Mauro Ranallo: That’s pinfall makes Candice officially eligible..

Candice smiled as Cone helped Mandy over to the side of the ring. Drake walked over and met with Mandy and helped her down. He lead her over to the penalty box where Liv stood over a dazed and handcuffed Zahra. Drake opened the door and Mandy walked in. On the other side of the ring, Charlotte charged at Nikki and speared her on the outside. Nikki’s head bounced off the bridged ladder. Charlotte picked Nikki up and rolled her into the ring. She then turned to Trish and bent down and picked her up. Charlotte lifted Trish up and laid her out on top of the bridge ladder. Charlotte backed up a step and turned to the ring. Candice dove through the ropes and collided with Charlotte. The two flew back into the barricade. Candice folded up the wrong way as she landed on Charlotte. The action didn’t stop as Alexa jumped from the top rope.

Mauro Ranallo: OH MY!!!

Alexa flipped in the air and crashed on top of Trish. The force broke the ladder as it bent with both women in the fold.

Mauro Ranallo: TWISTED BLISS!!! Twisted Bliss through the ladder!!


Liv Morgan ran out of the penalty box and slid into the ring. She grabbed Nikki and tossed her out of the ring. Liv jumped out of the ring and grabbed Nikki once more. She whipped Nikki into the steps and then turned to Angelina and ran over and grabbed the championship. Liv took a deep breath as she ran back into the ring and over to the ladder. She looked up the ladder and began to climb. The crowd rose to their feet as Liv climbed up the ladder.

Mauro Ranallo: This could be it!! Liv’s got the championship and she’s almost at the top.

Corey Graves: Someone needs to stop her!! No!!

Liv reached the top of the ladder and went to lift the championship but Candice flew through the air and drop kicked Liv off the ladder. The championship flew to the outside, where Angelina walked through the broken bodies and broken steel to retrieve it. Inside the penalty box, Mandy took a few free shots at Zahra who was still cuffed inside the penalty box, though her time was up. Outside the box, everyone woman gasped for air as they were all laid out all over the arena. Charlotte pulled herself up with the use of the apron and peered into the ring. Candice got to her feet and walked over to Liv. She bent down to pick her up and leaned her against the turnbuckle. Candice turned and folded the ladder and place it against Liv. Candice turned once more to walk away from Liv, but she turned right into a spear by Charlotte. Charlotte hooked the leg as Chioda dropped to the mat.

Mike Chioda: 1… 2…

Liv pushed the ladder away and on top of Charlotte and Candice. Liv ran forward and used the ramped ladder and jumped into Nikki who leaned in the opposing corner. The two women fell to the mat and once more every woman was down. Alexa crawled out of the steel wreckage at ringside. Drake walked over and opened the door to the penalty box which allowed Mandy to exit. Zahra remained in the cage. Drake walked into to check on her and look over the handcuffs. Liv climbed back to her feet and reached down and picked up Nikki.

Corey Graves: Come on Wuertz.. Get the bolt cutters and free Zahra!!

Liv hit her with a forearm before she turned around. She walked over and bent down and picked the ladder up off of Charlotte and Candice. She turned once more but Nikki ran her over. The ladder fell to the mat, but Nikki quickly picked it back up. She rammed the top of the ladder into Liv’s midsection. Liv fell to the outside of the ring. Nikki then set the ladder up and exited the ring. She took the championship from Angelina and slide back into the ring. Nikki took the championship and climbed the ladder. Zahra inside the penalty box pulled at her wrist in attempt to free herself from the handcuffs, but they were on right.

Mauro Ranallo: Zahra can not get herself free.

The steel cuffs begun to dig into her wrist. Nikki reached the top of the ladder, but before she could hang up the belt, Charlotte climbed the opposite side. She grabbed the belt and stopped Nikki. The two women tugged on the championship with each woman unable to get the upper hand. Nikki lifted the belt up and hit Charlotte in the face, but the action caused both women to drop the title. Charlotte held onto the top rung of the ladder. Nikki grabbed Charlotte hair and headbutted her. She leaned back but her grip on the ladder remained. Nikki snarled before she bent down and bit into Charlotte’s fingers.

Mauro Ranallo: OH MY!! Nikki is biting Charlotte Flair!!

She chomped down hair on the index and middle fingers, which cause Charlotte to let got. Charlotte fell back off the ladder and hit the mat hard. Nikki, now with blood coming out of her mouth smiled down. Charlotte landed beside Candice, which made Nikki grin even more. Nikki climbed to the top of the ladder and then fell.

Mauro Ranallo: OH MY GOD!!!

Corey Graves: The Glasgow Kiss!! To Candice and Charlotte!!

Zahra continued to pull at her on wrist, the blood from the handcuff digging into her skin made it hard to see the steel. Zahra grimaced in pain as she continued to try and free herself. Liv Morgan climbed into the ring slowly with the championship belt. She grabbed at her midsection as she used the ropes to get back to her feet. The EBWF Universe let out loud cheer as they watched Liv stumble over to the ladder. She placed her hand on the middle rung and pulled herself up onto the ladder. Slowly she began her accent.

Mauro Ranallo: There’s no one around!!

Corey Graves: NO!! Not like this!!

The crowd cheers grew louder with each rung. The emotion could be seen on Liv’s face as she neared the top of the ladder. Zahra screamed inside the penalty box as she pull on her arm harder. She closed her eyes in pain as she gave one last pull which forced her hand through the handcuffed. She held onto her bloody hand as she pushed past Drake Wuertz and stormed out of the cage. She ran into the ring instantly over to the ladder. Instead of climbing up the other side, Zahra went under the ladder and pulled Liv’s legs through the rungs of the ladder. Liv hung, trapped in the rungs of the ladder. Her feet dangled in the middle of the ladder. Zahra looked at her and she grabbed a hold of the championship belt. She shook her head as she pulled it away from Liv. Zahra walked over and she put her foot on top of Charlotte and John Cone dropped down for the pin.

John Cone: 1… 2… 3…

Zahra stood there as she held on to the EBWF Women’s Championship with her bloody hand. The blood continued to escape through the wounds on her wrist and dripped to the mat. Zahra then took the championship and she climbed up the ladder. Outside the ring, Alexa Bliss ran up behind Angelina and she shoved her into the steel ring post. Alexa then turned to the crowd and yanked an EBWF Women’s Championship Deluxe Replica belt from a fan at ringside. She climbed into the ring with the fake championship and climbed up the other side of the ladder at the same time as Zahra. Alexa stepped on Liv’s shoulder as the two women climbed to the top. The looked each other in the eyes at the top of the ladder. Zahra looked down at the replica as Alexa looked at the real championship covered in Zahra’s blood. The two women battle on the top of the ladder as each woman tried to hang up their belts while hindering the other. Finally, both women successfully hug up the belts and stared at each other. From the exchange, both belts were bloodied by Zahra’s injury. The bell rang out but the confusion set in on who hung up the real champion. The two women argued at the top of the ladder as the each claimed they hung up the real belt. Angelina climbed into the ring and pulled Alexa off the ladder. She looked up and saw two belts and then stared at Alexa. Alexa shook her head.

Angelina Love: What did you do!!

Alexa Bliss: I hung the real belt..

Zahra jumped down and got in Alexa’s face.

Zahra Schreiber: The fuck you did..

The two women started to scream at each other as the three referees converged with Angelina. They all talked about the incident for a few moments before Zahra slapped Alexa with her bloody hand. Alexa tackled her to the mat and the two women began to lay into each other. Angelina turned to the brawl and told the referees to break them up. The battle continued as more referees ran from the back. A few referees pulled Alexa off Zahra and separated the two women. Angelina looked furious as the demanded the referees take the women to the back. The camera panned up to the two bloody championships that hung above the ring. Angelina walked over and asked for a microphone.

Angelina Love: I don’t know what happened.. But my officials told me that Alexa Bliss stole a championship from ringside and used that to hang up.. In that case…

She paused for a second before she continued.

Angelina Love: The winner of this match… The first ever Queen of the Mountain, and STILL your EBWF Women’s Champion.. Zahra Schreiber!!

Angelina dropped the microphone as she exited the ring. “War” blasted on to the sound system as Angelina walked over to group of referees that was still attempting to get Alexa and Zahra backstage. Angelina screamed at the two women as SummerSlam cut to the video package for the main event.


“I Hope You Suffer” hit the PA and Jimmy Havoc came to the stage.

Mauro Ranallo: The biggest party of the summer is winding down, but here comes the main event! Can Jimmy Havoc finally claim the title that has eluded him here in EBWF?

Corey Graves: Not if The Miz has anything to say about it!

“I Came to Play” brought the arrival of the EBWF World Champion who held the belt above his head as the lights of the paparazzi cameras flashed.

Christy Hemme: This match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the EBWF World Championship. Introducing first, from Margate, Kent, England… Jimmy Havoc! And his opponent, he is the EBWF World Champion, from Cleveland, Ohio. The Miz!

The referee held the championship up in the center of the ring and the bell rang. They circled the ring before locking up. Havoc wrenched the arm, but Miz got out of the hold and reversed it into an arm wrench of his own. Havoc rolled out and took him down for a one count. Miz quickly retreated to the corner. They locked up, and Miz took him down before hitting the ropes. Havoc gave him an arm drag and caught him with an arm-wrench inside cradle pin. Miz was down for a two count, and the crowd cheered when he got to his feet. Havoc wrenched the arm once more, but Miz raked him in the eyes.

Mauro Ranallo: Shades of the old Miz.

Corey Graves: Sometimes you have to do what you have to do when it comes to the EBWF World Championship.

Havoc did a springboard over him and dropkicked him out of the ring. He hit the ropes, but Miz moved before he got taken out. Havoc wowed the crowd with a backflip off the top rope. Miz feigned getting into the ring before pulling Havoc out. Miz bounced him off the apron before sending him into the barricade, but Havoc kept his footing, jumping to the top of the barricade and leaping off with a surprise moonsault. Both men were down and working back to their feet to get into the ring. Miz was the first to regain his senses and caught Havoc with a axe handle. Miz worked over Havoc’s leg, before giving it a DDT. He put Havoc in the corner and twisted that leg around the second rope.

Mauro Ranallo: Miz trying to seal the deal here.

Havoc ducked a clothesline and chopped the chest. Havoc chopped him again and put him in the corner for ten punches, but Miz got out and kicked Havoc in the knee. Havoc hit the mat hard and Miz stomped his knees down. Havoc elbowed him and booted him back. Miz charged him, but Havoc pulled the top rope down to get him out of the ring. Miz quickly grabbed Havoc’s leg, took him down and slammed the injured leg into the ring post. Miz repeated it a second time before putting him in the ring for a running boot to the skull for a two count. Miz went for a Figure Four Leglock, but Havoc blocked it and kicked him away with the uninjured leg. Miz quickly kicked him before punching him. They traded punches before Miz kicked Havoc in the knee. Miz hit the ropes, but Havoc popped up with a stiff clothesline over the top.

Corey Graves: Havoc coming alive here.

Havoc shook feeling into his arm before hobbling around. He clotheslined Miz over the top rope. Havoc hit the ropes for a daredevil-like summersault senton. He moved quickly.

Mauro Ranallo: Havoc senses his opening!

Havoc put Miz back in the ring, and Miz took him down. Havoc recovered, quickly catching Miz with a sit-out Michinoku Driver for a two count. Miz caught the tights and rolled Havoc up! Jimmy barely kicked out, and when he moved to his feet Miz caught him to set him up for the SCF.

Corey Graves: Miz is going to… NO!

Mauro Ranallo: Havoc pushed him off!

And dragged him right back for the Acid Rainmaker. The crowd was going wild as he hooked the leg.




Mauro Ranallo: He did it! Jimmy Havoc…

“I Hope You Suffer” began to play as the referee awarded Havoc with the Championship Belt.

Corey Graves: This is pay per view, Mauro! So I’m gonna say it. I have to say it, and Mr. Ikeda, I’m sorry… but… Jimmy Fuckin Havoc is the WORLD CHAMPION of a MAJOR Professional Wrestling Company and what a wonderful business we’re in!

Havoc climbed the turnbuckle with his new championship, holding it high above his head.

Mauro Ranallo: You know this celebration will continue on Warfare!

Havoc continued to celebrate as Summerslam went off the air.
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